#28 Monthsary: True Colours Of 안경탱

“I don’t need glasses to see your true beauty.”
Celeste Koh


For our 28th monthsary in May this year, I picked my favourite photo of Taenggu of the month –
it was her wearing spectacles looking so studious like a high school or university student as she wore casually to work on one of those days.

I remembered how my heart was bursting with delight when I saw these photos of her. I was gushing about how pleasant and cute she looked to me. 😍 Later on, I even wrote a post HIGH SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH – 안경탱 to confess and explain why I loved to see her in specs.

So later that month, I drew this image of her for our monthsary. I was unsure of how I should present my drawing this time. Should I colour stripes of rainbow colours over her face and body again just like what I did for our previous monthsary #27 MONTHSARY: A FLOWER IN YOUR COFFEE? My concern was that her facial features would not be able to stand out if I were to do that. Nonetheless, I went ahead to do it while making copies to show how my work looked at different stages. At the end, I put a paper cutting of a pair of glasses over her eyes to finish it off.

And then, I posted my work in progress shots on instagram to ask the questions. 🤔💭

What do you think? 😄

There was actually another reason why I wanted to colour Taenggu in stripes of rainbow other than to imitate the look of my rainbow bunny Bobo. In 2015, when the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage nationwide, several Facebook users put a rainbow filter over their profile photos to show their support. Needless to say, I followed suit. I felt it was also an important milestone for my relationship with Taenggu that was worth celebrating about. At that time, I always seemed to think that Taenggu wished she could do the same thing to her own profile pic too. But knowing that she doesn’t have an official Facebook account, I wanted to do it for her instead. So finally, about 1.5 years later, I sort of fulfilled this wish for her in the form of my drawing. 😆

My Facebook profile picture in 2015 with a rainbow filter in support of same-sex marriage

Speaking of glasses, I am short-sighted too. But my condition isn’t too serious, only about 100 plus degree on each eye so I’m still able to see my surroundings within a short distance fairly well without my glasses. Since young, I don’t really like to wear glasses, neither do I ever wear any contact lenses before. I only wear glasses to school, concerts, movies or other occasions when it is necessary to have a clear vision. So sometimes I still have to squint my eyes a little to see the words on the signboards if I don’t have my glasses with me. When I was in secondary school, a friend used to ask me why I didn’t wear glasses even though I didn’t have a perfect eyesight. I replied, “I don’t like to see things too clearly. I prefer the beauty of blurriness.” She probably thought I was weird. 😝

Today as I’m writing this, it is already our 34th monthsary. Later tonight I will be watching The Addams Family musical with Taenggu. At times like this, yes, a pair of glasses will be necessary for me to fully enjoy the musical with clear vision later on. ㅋㅋㅋ 😂

Flower for the month:

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