Love Diary: Swimming With Taenggu In Parallel Reality

1 March 2019

About 2 weeks ago, Taenggu posted a new episode of Taenggu TV that features her time when she was in Bangkok for her ‘s… Taeyeon concert tour last December on her own youtube channel. This episode even reveals a part where she took a dip in the swimming pool at her hotel. It was the first time ever that I actually got to see her swimming privately in real life.

Watch the video below for the part of her swimming.

Watch the full episode.

Ever since we got together in 2015, I would bring her out on occasional swimming dates all because of a voice that says “swimming” I would hear in my head every once in a while (read related post: Voice: “Swimming!”). From the start where I was filled with doubts over whether she was really that keen on swimming up till now when this Taenggu TV episode was revealed, I am now fully convinced that her love and desire for swimming are REAL. Because just look at how happy and excited she was when she went into the pool!

Before this Taenggu TV episode happened, my only conscious memory of her swimming was from her Why music video in 2016. There were some scenes where she playfully jumps into the pool for a swim. Other than that, there were only a few other photos of her hilariously casually floating in the pool with a float.

Below video was edited by me to compare between how she swims in the Why MV versus in real life.

Did you see any contrast between what was portrayed glamourously on MV and how it’s like in normal real life? But one thing for sure, she looks genuinely happy swimming in both!

And this clip I edited below with subtitles answered a long-time question that I had always wanted to know.

Often times, whenever I went for a swim, I would ask Taenggu the same questions. “Do you know how to swim butterfly style?” “Do you know how to swim frog style?” “I only know how to swim butterfly style. Can you teach me how to swim frog style?”…. Now after 4 years together, the answer is finally out. She knows both! She said she learned up to butterfly technique when she was young (does it mean she learned frog style first before butterfly?). Haha look at how well she could swim both styles like a fish born in the water.

Since I started my current job at Singtel last July or even way before that, I had stopped going for a swim like I used to at least once every few weeks. That would mean at least 6 months I hadn’t stepped into a pool already! Last Friday, feeling encouraged by Taenggu’s swimming episode on Taenggu TV, I went to the same old swimming complex near my house again for a night swim and I was amazed by how different it felt this time. I felt so much at ease with myself, not so scared of the waters anymore. I would think about the images of Taenggu swimming on Taenggu TV and feel like she was there swimming with me too. It seemed no longer that difficult to imagine how she looks like swimming in real life! It was pure joy and a relaxing swim. I no longer felt that unsettling urge to get out of the pool as soon as possible now.

Although I don’t have any photos or videos of myself swimming in my current 20’s, I do have some old photos of a small kid Celeste in a pink swimming suit swimming on a float! LOL. These photos were taken when my mum used to take me for a swim when I was young. Of course she doesn’t do that anymore now!

Previously I only released my childhood photos on Photo Day every September 14th (see posts: Photo Day 2018: What If We Were Childhood Lovers, Photo Day 2017: What If We Met When We Were Young), but this time as an exception, I’m revealing them here! Keke.

When I swim, she swims in my mind. When she is bursting with joy swimming like a fish in the water, I feel the same joy in my heart too. That’s how swimming with Taenggu in parallel reality feels like.

One day, I wish she could teach me how to swim frog style like how she does it skillfully like a pro. One day. ㅋㅋ

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