High School Girl Crush – 안경탱


I really love to see Taenggu wearing glasses looking like a school girl or a teacher. Especially yesterday when I saw new images of her wearing glasses to work, I felt as if I fell in love with her once again. After seeing her pictures, a voice said to me, “This is where I found my first love.” Yes, I agreed too. She gave me those love at first sight/puppy love/eye candy/ girl crush kind of vibes. I kept smiling at her photos for the whole day yesterday. They gave me a lot of imagination. I felt the urge to hug, carry and piggyback her so much.

Actually in the recent months, once in a while, I would daydream and imagine, what if Taenggu was a classmate I knew in high school (we call it secondary school in Singapore)? Back then, I was in an all-girl school. If there was really a girl like her in my class, I would have fallen in love much earlier. Because before I got to know Taeyeon as a kpop idol in 2010, I had never fallen in love with anyone around me before. That’s why I call Taenggu my first love. I always wonder how nice it would be if there was a girl with a personality like hers in my class or school. Then my school life wouldn’t have been so boring and lonely anymore. I would go to school everyday just to admire her or probably even chase her (but I might be too shy to do that though). Keke.

Sometimes I like to imagine her as an ordinary person in my life. What if she was a student who studied in the same university as me? What if she was my roommate/housemate if I lived in a hostel? What if she was a colleague in my company? It feels more real, more normal, more relatable to think of her as someone whom I can get closer to naturally in my life.

What if she wasn’t an idol but an ordinary girl who lived just a few blocks away from my house? Ahh.. What if…

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