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“Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together.”
Jules Verne (as quoted in the Aquaman movie)

This is a quote that was narrated at the beginning of the Aquaman movie to describe how Aquaman’s parents, an ordinary lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis, who were from two completely different sides of the world are fated to meet and fall in love.

The quote made me think about the love and fate between me and Taenggu too. Why our ships have yet to come together? Were there too much resistance, wind or tide in between us pulling us apart?

Is our story similar to 向左走·向右走 (A Chance of Sunshine) where fate keeps the two main characters from meeting and falling in love despite always being so close in brushing past each other yet they still failed to meet? (read related post: The Journey To Taenggu (Poem) + Story Behind A Special Snow Globe From 2013)

When can our circumstances allow our ships to sail freely and let us meet naturally in a calm, open sea? When will the turbulent wind and tide cease?

On a sidenote, the Aquaman movie was so nice that I actually went to the theatre and watched it twice. There was a touching scene at the end when “(Aquaman’s) father walks out onto the dock like he has since Atlanna disappeared into the water, hoping that she will finally meet him there like she said she would. When he goes out this time though he finds a figure standing on the dock waiting for him, and the couple shares an embrace decades in the making.” (text cited from this page)

When I watched this scene during the first time (presumably with Taenggu spiritually with me), Taenggu’s voice was in my head, “Please make it (my experience of watching the movie) more special.” And I began to imagine that image of Nicole Kidman standing at the other end of the dock was Taenggu instead. It was as if Taenggu finally appeared in front of my eyes to meet me in person after me waiting at the same spot for her for many years just like Aquaman’s father at his lighthouse. She looked so pretty, so cool in that Atlanna’s outfit yet so handsome at the same time. It was a moment of reuniting with her physically that I’ve been yearning for.

oh well, whether it was imagination, illusion or vision or not, it was still a sweet moment that definitely made my whole experience of watching the movie a lot more fun and enjoyable!

Set sail~ Let my ship sail to where Taenggu is!

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Come sail away with me~ ⛵

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