Magic Number ‘39’

It started in November 2016 when I was searching online for a cafe to have dinner at to celebrate our 22nd monthsary. I chanced upon a cafe called “W39” and chose it straightaway. Since Taenggu was born on 9th March, the number ‘39’ is significant to her so I thought bringing her to a cafe which also has the number ‘39’ in its name would be special for her too.

And so, on the night of 29 November 2016, we went to W39 cafe and enjoyed a good time together.

Ever since then, it seems like my subconscious mind began to tune in to the number ‘39’ around me. Sometimes when I casually look at my watch, the time is often xx:39 (for example, 10:39, 12:39, 15:39 etc). When I look at my phone, my phone battery is 39% left. When I browse through a social media feed, I would see a post with 39 comments/likes/views. When I go shopping, the price tag of the item which I happen to look at is $39. When I dine at a restaurant, my table number is 39. I’m amazed at how the number ‘39’ started to take over my daily life by popping up again and again to surprise me. It’s like it has become my lucky number ever since. To keep a record of this interesting new phenomenon, I started to take photos and screenshots whenever I see this playful number ‘39’ showing up around me. Below are the photos I have collected over the past 2 months.*