Yoona Birthday 2017: Oh Deer Yoona

“Deer Yoona, how are you? Fine.”
Celeste Koh


15 days after Sunny’s birthday (FOR SUNNY: SUNNY SUNFLOWER) was Yoona’s birthday. Just like for Sunny, I made a birthday drawing specially for Yoona too.

I decided to draw her like a deer because back during the days when I first became a fan of SNSD, I was already aware of other fans describing her as a deer. She was given the nickname “Saseum Yoona / Deer Yoona / Flower Deer” because of her deer-like features (eyes and long neck). Same as the situation with Sunny, I noticed that since I started working on my drawing about a week ago, I began to see images of Yoona more often in my head too. It probably means that I was subconsciously thinking of her more often and I started to become more spiritually connected to her.

An interesting thing happened when I was trying to think of a quote related to deer that could go well with this drawing. I was just randomly thinking of a sentence where I could use the word “deer” and I came up with a question that went something like, “Deer (Dear) Yoona, how are you doing?” After I asked the question in my head, unexpectedly, I got an instant reply from a voice that sounded like Yoona, “Fine.” I asked the same question one more time. And the same voice answered again, “Fine.” So in the end, that explains why I chose to write those words on the drawing later on.

It was good to know that Yoona or at least her spiritual self was doing fine. And I hope that she can be fine everyday too. Happy Birthday! <3

— Updated on 6 June 2017 —

I later discovered the meaning of deer power animal from a book called “Shaman Stone Soup” by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera.

It says:

“The archetype power of the deer power animal offers many attributes, among them are the following: Manifesting for a higher good; surrendering to the Divine will; and the ability to move with intention, complete awareness and speed while remaining centered. It also represents abundance, the advent of new adventures, and the power of family or group dynamics.”
“Shaman Stone Soup” by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

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