Hug Day 2019: Warm Hugs From Olaf

“I don’t know why but I’ve always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot…”
“Some people are worth melting for.”
“True love is putting someone else before yourself.”
“Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a happy snowman!”


With the recent Frozen 2 showing in the cinemas now and I even watched it on our 58th monthsary just 2 weeks ago, it was easy to decide Olaf as the best candidate for my Hug Day artwork’s Disney character featuring this month! Still fresh in memory as the funniest and most adorable snowman character from Frozen 1, Olaf is known to love warm hugs! So why not make an Olaf artwork to send Taenggu lots of warm hug this Hug Day amidst the winter season?

In fact, Taenggu had already shown her love for Olaf back in 2017 when she travelled to Bern for holiday with an Olaf plush toy. Olaf was her closest travel companion throughout her Europe trip back then.

Recently, a similar Olaf toy made an appearance again on her instastory amid the hype around Frozen 2 movie release and herself who was revealed as the singer for the Korean version of the movie’s OST “Into The Unknown”.


These are almost all the materials I have gathered for the making of this artwork.

Work in progress photos as follows.

Originally I wanted to sculpt Olaf’s carrot nose and his black pebble buttons with soft clays. But I had an unpleasant experience negotiating with an impolite and impatient seller on Carousell for her orange and black soft clays and the deal fell through.

Pushing my anger aside, what I did in the end to make up for not having the soft clays that I wanted was to use small orange pom poms of varying sizes and black felt that I found at home instead. I think the effect turned out even cuter this way. One lesson that I took away with me from this artwork was that when external factors do not go your way, I can always find other ways and make use of what I already have.

Now giving you more detailed photos of my completed artwork like warm, big hugs from Olaf! ⛄

Dearest Anna Taenggu,

This snowy winter day, would you give me warm, big hugs so that I could melt in your arms?
Because you are worth melting for. 😆


Warm, big hugs from Olaf Celeste ☃️