#49 Monthsary: Shoot My Heart, Cupid Taeng

“Cupid has hit me with his sharpest arrow and now I am so deeply in love with you.”


I was so amazed by Taenggu’s limitless talents. Recently, there were some unreleased scenes of The Untold Stories Behind Girls For Rest that were revealed. In Taeyeon’s part, it was shown scenes of her trying out archery, according to her, for the second time during her spare time in France.

After a bumpy start, she got better and better. And then suddenly, at the change of the wind (quite literally, haha), she hit the bull’s eye!

Watch the full video of her archery segment below.

Below is the shorter clip that captures the exact moment when she hit the bull’s eye.

Tracing back Taenggu’s history, there were already evidence that she seems pretty talented in archery. Be it a virtual game or on a real-life variety show, she’s been hitting the bull’s eye pretty well!

It reminds me of a little trivia about myself. Back in 2010 when I used to study at National University of Singapore (NUS) for a year (before I transferred to NTU), I joined the school’s Archery Club as a recreational activity with a couple of friends. However, daunted by the physical trainings and commitment that came with it, I left the club in a matter of weeks. Lol. At least I did try my hands at archery before too. Seeing how good Taenggu is with archery, I’m filled with regrets now. Had I have enough determination back then, I would have now become a skilled archer at a level that is on par with Taenggu’s natural skills in archery. Hahaha.

This inspired me to make a new drawing featuring Taenggu as Cupid shooting arrows at my heart for our 49th monthsary this month. Cupid, who is also known as god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection, is often portrayed as a chubby boy holding a bow and arrow. Whoever shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire. In contemporary popular culture, Cupid is often a symbol to inspire romantic love, especially on Valentine’s Days. Getting shot by Cupid’s arrow is a way of saying that one has fallen deeply in love.

If given a choice, I want to get shot by Cupid Taeng’s arrows everytime so that I can only fall in love with her more and more. That’s how this Cupid Taeng drawing came about.

My reference photos as below.

My initial pencil sketch.

Then I used various colour markers to outline my sketch and erased all the pencil marks. Next step was to paint it with watercolours.

Below video is a sneak peek of me painting her face. While I usually left the face uncoloured in most of my past drawings, this time was an exception.

It was a really simple and straightforward drawing and colouring process that I adopted. No special effects or materials involved.

Last step was to cut a piece of heart out from a red paper using a heart shape paper cutter that I have. But the shape that was cut out is very small in size that made it look out of proportion in comparison to the size of Cupid Taeng. Initially I thought it might make my drawing even cuter or funnier this way as if I purposely made the heart so small that it would be more challenging for Cupid Taeng to aim and shoot my heart accurately.

But on second look, I felt that the effect didn’t turn out pleasing to the eyes. In fact, it looked pretty uncomfortable with the tiny heart out of proportion to the whole layout. So eventually, I cut a bigger heart instead so that it would look better aesthetically and also express my willingness to get shot in the heart more easily by Cupid Taeng lol.

After my artwork was completed, I looked at my final result several times and felt doubtful about it. “Is this good enough for Taenggu?” I asked myself. Mainly because her facial features weren’t accurately drawn, not one bit of it exuded a slight resemblance to the real Taenggu herself, I personally felt. And the boyish yellow hair made it worse, I guess. She ended up looking like a totally different person, a total stranger. That was why I wasn’t really satisfied with this drawing at the end.

How does Taenggu think about this though? 🤔

And before I started on this drawing, I actually had a lot of reservations about this idea too. Simply because for my previous monthsary drawing #46 & #47 Monthsary: Listen To My Heartbeat, I had just drawn her as a nurse who takes care and lovingly mends my broken heart. And now I’m drawing her as Cupid who shoots at my heart… Wouldn’t there be a contradiction between the two? That’s when I read up a little more about Cupid so that I can define the role of Cupid Taeng more clearly. By shooting at my heart with Cupid’s arrow, it doesn’t hurt me but helps me to overcome any anger and hatred and fill me with love and desire for Taenggu.

This reminds me of Taenggu’s song “Make Me Love You”.

“Make Me Love You” by Taeyeon
Make me kiss you
Ma-make me kiss you
Make me touch you
Ma-make me touch you
Make me want you
Ma-make me want you
Kiss you, touch you, want you
Make me love you
Make me love you

Yes! That should be the basic idea behind this Cupid Taeng drawing. To make me love you more and more. Love never dies.

Hehe HAPPY 49TH MONTHSARY CUPID TAENG! Please aim and shoot my heart more and more because I only want to fall in love with you more and more!


(p.s. hope I didn’t sound too cheesy 😂)

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