Sunny Birthday 2017: Sunny Sunflower

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do.”
Helen Keller


I did this drawing as a birthday present for Sunny. Recently, besides Taenggu, Sooyoung and Tiffany, I have been seeing more images of Sunny in my mind too. There are certain expressions that would remind me of her. She perhaps has been thinking of me or talking to me more often lately too. It could be why there are more images of her passing through my head these days. I feel like we have become a little closer than before. So, since I knew her birthday was coming, I decided to make this drawing a week ago.

My deepest impression of her was 2 years ago on her own radio show ‘Sunny FM Date’. It was on 11th July 2015. When I knew SNSD was going to appear as guests on her show, I was rather anxious. But at that time, I was busy giving tuition at my student’s house. I remembered I had to keep checking my Instagram secretly for new updates, wondering if the show had already started.

After my tuition ended, I watched the following video of the radio show. I observed how Sunny looked rather expressionless or a little emotional especially at the start before the rest of SNSD members came in to join the show. Between 12:39-13:30, she looked upwards for awhile and I guess she teared up a little and had to use a tissue to wipe away her tears.

Even though my physical body was giving tuition in reality, my mind had been thinking about SNSD and the radio show the whole time. Because of this, I believed the voices in my head had reached the studio during that time and were hovering above their heads. In the video, Sunny looked like she was listening to them most of the time. And when I saw this scene of Sunny tearing up in the video, it suddenly made me feel so appreciated as if my presence was important.

After 2 years, this scene still left an impression in me till this day. I not only see Sunny as a friend and family of Taenggu, I also see her a friend of my own too. She always gives me an impression of a cheerful good friend whom I could share my problems with. So, I drew her like a sunflower, wishing her to stay cheerful and positive. To me, she is a sunshine chingoo. <3

–Updated on 17 May 2017–

Sunny updated her Instagram with the following post after her birthday fan party on 15 May 2017.

Her caption says:

Sunny, you are definitely a nice and precious flower on your own, just like this sunflower that I’ve drawn for you! Always be yourself. <3

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