Ginger Birthday 2019: Share Your Toy With Your Little Brother Zero

“Let’s share, sharing is caring.”
“Brothers are playmates in the beginning and best friends for life.”


Besides Sooyoung’s birthday, 10th February is also Taenggu’s first dog, Ginger’s birthday. While Ginger, a black poodle, now stays at her parents’ house in Jeonju, it is Zero, a silver poodle, whom she later adopted in 2017, who keeps her company most of the time at her dorm in Seoul now.

Taenggu’s first dog, Ginger
Taenggu’s second dog, Zero

Once in a while, Ginger would reunite with Taenggu and his new-found little dog brother.

However, Ginger and Zero, just like any human brothers, would play and fight with each other too. They fight over their favourite toys and refuse to share them with each other. And it seems like Ginger, being the elder one and bigger in size, always wins the fight.

After seeing these videos, I was inspired to make a little artwork for Ginger to relay my wish for him to share his toys with his little brother Zero and love him more.

This was my pencil sketch before I filled in with colours using markers, pens and a bit of watercolours.

I actually used the same style and approach that I did for my last year’s artwork for Ginger too. What I didn’t mention in my last year’s post FOR GINGER: A GIFT FROM SNOOPY was that after I did my drawing on a piece of white paper, I stuck it on a piece of square wooden tile so that it could even serve as a home decor too. I decided to do the same this year too. Watch the below video to see how it looks like in physical form!

Hehe I hope Taenggu can keep and collect these tiles as the years go by because I sure will be making them for Ginger’s birthday every year! A simple but thoughtful and adorable quick DIY home decor artwork.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINGER! Love your little brother more and don’t forget your owner of many years too. ㅋㅋㅋ 🐶💜🐶👧🏻

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