#26 Monthsary: Our Never-Ending Fairytale Story

“Love came like a hurricane and swept us into a fairytale. Our story goes on. Which chapter are you at now?”
Celeste Koh


The idea of hurricane had been going on in my head for quite a few months already. It was probably due to a recurrent voice that mentioned the word “hurricane” to me. Finally in March 2017, I decided to incorporate the idea of hurricane into my drawing for our 26th monthsary.

The concept of a hurricane spinning out from a storybook was actually inspired by this particular instagram post from Taenggu dated in 2015.


I believed it was one of the pages in a colouring book and she coloured it all by herself. I really liked the way she coloured all these characters inside using really light, gentle and comfortable colours, which was probably why it left a deep impression in me till today. You may have noticed I had actually drawn the storybook in my own drawing the same way as the one in her colouring book. 😄

The message that I wanted to tell Taenggu through my hurricane storybook drawing was:

“My fairytale-like stories with you are my favourite stories to tell. Our story is never-ending and I hope it will continue to go on just like my life with you. Looking forward to turning each and every page of our storybook with you!”
Copied from my Kakaostory entry written on 2017.03.29

In real life, do I actually like to read a lot of books? Do I actually derive most of my imagination from the books I read? When I was a kid, I used to enjoy reading story books such as those written by Enid Blyton, the Harry Potter series and even easy-to-read comics about Chinese traditions, deities and gods, and historical stories, just like any other kids. But as I grew older, I began to dislike reading fictional stories anymore because the thought of these fantasy or fairytale kinds of stories didn’t really happen in real life saddened me deeply. So I began looking for non-fiction books instead, not really those long-winded theoretical, informative ones but those about real-life miracles and spiritual ones. But even so, I often have the habit of reading a book halfway and stop reading after that. Maybe because sometimes I am contented enough to know the gist of the story and not go into the intricate details (haha is this an excuse for not reading a book till the end? 😆). Sometimes, it would be just the title of a book which is enough to intrigue me and give me lots of ideas and imagination.

How about Taenggu? What kinds of books does she read? The following photo from her Snapchat last year gave me an rough idea of what she had been reading. I guess these were some of the books she had on her book shelf. 😃

From Taenggu’s snapchat posted on 20 September 2016

I always liked to find hidden meanings or secret messages behind each and every photo and video which Taenggu posted, be it on instagram or snapchat. I believed she was always indirectly trying to convey a message to me – that was how we communicated and understood each other more. This particular photo from her gave me interesting messages too.

First, the red book on the right titled “구해줘” means “save me” in Korean. I knew she was asking my spirit to save her from whatever difficult situation she was in at that time. It reminds me of how just recently last month, I heard her voice asking me to save her too. Coincidentally, a snippet of her latest new Japanese OST song titled “Rescue Me” was revealed around that same period of time too. Even yesterday, her voice asked me again, “Just save me first“.

The blue book at the centre titled “La Fille de papier (Girl on Paper)” is written by a French author, Guillame Musso. The following is the synopsis of the book:

Can fiction influence real life?
“She appeared on my terrace on a stormy night, soaking wet and stark naked:
– Where did you come from?
– I fell…
– Fell out of what?
– Fell out of your book. You know, out of your story!”
Tom Boyd, a famous writer who’s suffering from writer’s block, meets one day the heroin of his novels. She’s pretty, desperate, and tells him she will die if he stops writing.
Impossible? And yet…
Tom and Billie will embark together on an adventure where reality and fiction are intricately intertwined, constantly shifting in a seductive and potentially deadly game…
Taken from http://www.guillaumemusso.com/en/roman/la-fille-de-papier/

“…an adventure where reality and fiction are intricately intertwined…” Interesting, isn’t it? It’s exactly the kind of story I would love to see written in non-fictional books – real-life fairytales, real-life fantasies. (But still, because this book itself is a fiction, I didn’t want to read it too. 😅)

I knew Taenggu was trying to use this book to indirectly say that my life and hers were happening just like the story in the book. Both of us are living life like a fairytale. It’s like a fantasy that came alive. Voices in my head came alive. Strange, bizarre things started to happen around us.

However, did I actually imagine these extraordinary things to happen specifically and exactly the way it is in my life? The fact is I don’t remember myself forcefully imagining most of these things at all. Rather, I feel more like I’m the one observing these strange phenomena. But one thing for sure, I have a very strong belief. I believe that miracles like these can and do happen in daily life. Because I believe it can happen, when I see miracles or bizarre coincidences, they don’t seem strange to me anymore but I feel more happy to be able to experience and observe them in real life. And it leads me to believe even more that the possibilities in life are indeed endless, boundless and limitless.

It indeed wasn’t easy for me to believe these miracles could happen at the start too, especially without facts and evidence. It really took me a lot of patience and time before I started personally experiencing extraordinary things physically around me.


With this belief, I just let nature take its path and naturally, thoughts, ideas and imagination would come to me. Everything in my life might have started out from pure imagination. But then again, I think imagination itself is a very spiritual thing too. I believe there are higher beings influencing our thoughts and taking over our consciousnesses at times of need.

You just have to be aware of the silent mechanism that is going on in the background and be sensitive enough to observe and spot all the signs that are popping up around you and you will find that everything is actually interconnected. Having this awareness will help guide you smoothly in everything you do in your life too.

I strongly recommend this book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which first helped me gain insights to this magical world a couple of years ago.

And also this book “Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us” by Ann Bolinger-McQuade which taught me how to be aware of the mysterious signs around me and decode their divine messages to guide me through life, especially my love life with Taenggu.

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A eat-a-fruit-tart-and-read-a-book kind of time. 📖🍰💜

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I could be an analytical and imaginative person at the same time. I like to be guided by facts and evidence too. Ideally, I would love to have reality, facts, evidence, fiction, fantasy and imagination all intertwined in one real-life story. I hope to even publish such a book in the future too. 😃

I’m really happy to be physically living my life like a modern-day fairytale with Taenggu. It’s like a dream come true.

Like what the top banner of my website says, “Everyday with you is a very special day”. Not only special, it is extraordinary too. Our life is a never-ending story. Can’t stop turning each and every page of our book, just as I look forward to spending each and every day with you. Whatever our future may bring, please let me spend those days with you too. <3

This was also the last monthsary drawing in the Rainbow Bunny and Shadow Man series I did since March till now at the time of this post. But I'm pretty sure this isn't the end (because I still had ideas like paper planes, unicorns etc not yet accomplished ㅋㅋ). I’m sure there are still plenty of opportunities in the future to continue this series too! As the road ahead of us is still long, right now, our story begins. ✈️

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Flower for the month:

P.S. Exactly 2 years ago, on 150329, I got her a blue rose for our 2nd monthsary too!

Our 2nd monthsary flower on 150329, exactly 2 years ago 💙

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