#12 Monthsary: Rainbow Blossoms

“When love brings rain, a rainbow will always follow, and with it, the sunshine.”


It was our 12th monthsary and our 1st anniversary together. And it came 1 month after a heartbreaking trip to Seoul in December 2015. Although it caused me quite a blow and disappointment, I decided to pick myself up because I believed our love was still strong enough to encourage me to keep holding on and move on with my life.

January 2016 also marked the first month in which I started a series of drawings about me and Bobo (my favourite rainbow bunny soft toy). I had the inspiration during my grad trip to Seoul-Okinawa-Tokyo. My idea was to use Bobo as a mascot or a substitute for Taeyeon in my drawings. If in reality it wasn’t possible to have the both of us physically together, I could make it possible through the fantasy of art. In the world of art, there is no right and wrong. No one is there to judge. I could even have the liberty to add a tinge of cuteness to our love.

Why a rainbow rose? I found out online that a rainbow rose is known for being a happy rose too. It says “Rainbow roses meaning is to bring happy and joy into your life relation, extra special flower gift for special moment, precious gift for precious person.” I made this drawing filled with positivity for my future and our future. I was about to start a new chapter in my life working as a professional. All I hoped for, at that time, was our relationship to continue to blossom even after a storm or rain, no matter what difficulties the future might bring.

***Fantasy Alert***

My rainbow rose ended up making its appearance in one of the teaser images for Taeyeon’s “Fine” too!

Rainbow Rose Appearance in "Fine" teaser image

Flower for the month:

12th Monthsary Flower

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