#61 Monthsary: The Flyer Of Our Dreams

“The wheel always comes full circle, and whatever you give out will always return to you.”
“I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky.”
I will be there for your creation until the end of your life.
wherever you might be, it will be lenient
you will fully bloom after all the hardships
though your beginnings may be humble, may the end be prosperous


To continue the Singapore themed monthsary artworks from where I left off last year (see #57 MONTHSARY: KOPI SIEW DAI 半烧 GIRL and #59 MONTHSARY: ICE KACANG GIRL), other than local food, I thought why not do some artworks on some of our famous Singapore architectures or tourist attractions as well? That was when our Singapore Flyer first came to my mind.

Singapore Flyer is known as Asia’s largest Ferris wheel or observation wheel located at Downtown Core, Singapore. Consisting of 28 air-conditioned capsules, it overlooks the most beautiful part of our city where you can also see other attractions like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay at the surrounding area.

When it was officially launched in 2008, in my vague memory, I remembered we had some free tickets to the Singapore Flyer, so I expressed my wish to go visit it together with my family on my birthday that year while it was still like a hype for all of us Singaporeans. I wished I could show you the photos we took on board the Singapore Flyer back then, but it is really hard to retrieve those digital photos taken in 2008 and earlier by now (stored in abandoned SD cards, old laptop and memory bank whose data was lost already ☹️). The below is the only photo I have left now. It was taken with my sis when we were on one of the capsules on Singapore Flyer but it unfortunately doesn’t reveal much details hahaha.

So that was my first time taking a flight up Singapore Flyer and also my last until now. LOL.

Speaking of the significance of Singapore Flyer, I guess no one could expect that the beginning of our divine relationship actually traced back to this ferris wheel in Singapore. I’m sure Taenggu herself already knew how it felt like riding our Singapore Flyer (also with her family!). Most Singapore SONEs should be very well aware of the time when Taeyeon came to Singapore for a private holiday trip with her family in 2010. One of the attractions she visited back then was the Singapore Flyer!

Not sure why and how, what supposed to be a private itinerary was leaked to some of the Singapore SONEs back then. Before she and her family arrived at Singapore Flyer, there were already many fanboys and girls waiting for them there. It caused quite a bit of chaos and disturbance to her family who was clearly caught off-guard by the screaming crowd when they arrived, as observed from the above fan-taken videos. It was even rumoured that some fans had pulled Taenggu’s hair or grabbed her arm, sparking anger from many other SONEs who were not there.

The news of Taenggu’s holiday trip in Singapore and the chaotic scene at Singapore Flyer were reported in our local newspapers back then. Fate had it such that I, who didn’t even know who Girls’ Generation and Kim TaeYeon were at that point of time, read about it from a local chinese newspaper and even had a vivid impression of it many years on. That marked the very first time I came to know who Kim TaeYeon (at least her Chinese name) was. While I felt ashamed by the rowdy behaviour displayed by my fellow Singaporeans towards Kim Taeyeon (even though it was just a rumour), I naturally didn’t have a good first impression of the idol herself either. Read more about the exact article that I saw in 2010 and my thoughts at one of my older “Getting to Know Taenggu” posts, MY NOT-SO-GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION OF TAENGGU.

Who knew this would serve as a starting point where our lives would begin to intertwine as I was gradually and unknowingly “pushed” by divine forces to bring myself to understand the real Taenggu more and more and completely change my not-so-good first impression of her? And who knew 10 years later, I would be making our 61st monthsary artwork on the very place where our destiny could have started – our very own Singapore Flyer!

So here’s how I began making our very own Flyer of our dreams!

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Now, let our Wheel of Dreams spin and turn! 🎡

Dear Kim Taeyeon, the Kpop idol named 金太妍 whom I first read about from newspapers 10 years ago,

I’m really glad that fate has brought me to know such a precious person like you deeper and deeper as time went by the past 10 years. It’s so true, “the wheel always comes full circle, and whatever you give out will always return to you”. And now my memory of you returns to the starting point of our destiny again – the Singapore Flyer.

If there would ever be such a day, I wish the second time I would ride our Singapore Flyer again would be with you. And if they allow pets on board, with Zero and Tofu too! Hahaha. 😂

This is the Flyer of Our Dreams. Hope you like it!

No matter how many times the wheel of fate turns, it always leads me back to you. 💜

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh, the once avid reader of our local newspapers’ entertainment section

Listen to: “Flyers” by Girls’ Generation (from 3rd Japanese studio album “Love & Peace”)

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