Fan Art: Butterfly Fish

She roams the sky like a butterfly and she roams the sea like a fish. She owns both opposite worlds. She’s a butterfly fish.
Celeste Koh


The idea of this drawing came from one of Taenggu’s recent Instagram posts.

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In the photos, she was wearing a different coloured lens for each of her eyes. And in the caption, she simply put a butterfly emoticon and then a slash and then followed by a fish emoticon, which simply means a butterfly or a fish. If you are not able to view both emoticons above, you can see them on this page here. From how I interpret it, she sees herself as a half butterfly and a half fish. I had mentioned before in the post #14 MONTHSARY: FLY LIKE A BUTTERFLY how she’s been like a butterfly to me. And in a more recent post FAN ART: FISHY LIPS TAENG, I also described the reasons why she’s becoming like a fish these days too. So combining these 2 animals together, it becomes butterfly fish. When I saw her above Instagram post, I immediately left a comment asking her, “Are you a butterfly fish?”

This gave me a good motivation to draw out how my idea of a butterfly fish looks like and dedicate this drawing to her because it represents her and she was the one who gave me this idea.

Another observation I had was from her other even more recent Instagram post on 7th April below. It was about her upcoming new Asia tour concert titled “Persona”.

In her caption, she used 2 emoticons of a crescent moon on the opposite sides, back to back. At first, I wondered what these emoticons actually meant in the context of this post. After awhile, a voice said “Opposite relationship”, then I realised, oh yes, that made sense. The opposite crescent moons were referring to her concert title “Persona” which most likely meant that in her new concert, she will be showing off 2 opposite sides of herself through her performances.

This is also the meaning behind this drawing too. A butterfly and a fish also have an opposite relationship which don’t seem to interfere with each other in real life. But when they are combined together and become a butterfly fish, it can now not only fly but swim too. It can roam both the sky and the sea now. I think this is a really powerful symbol for Taenggu which signifies that she’s now a ruler of the whole world. Nothing can stop her. The sky is not the limit and neither is the sea. <3

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