Father’s Day 2020 (For Taenggu Dad): Avocado Dad

“Appa, you’re the best dad I avo wanted!”
Little Kim Taeyeon to her father
“I am avocado. What’s your super power?”
“A father is his kids’ playmate. They want to be the winner, you lose. They pretend as super hero, you are the monster. Whatever they want to be, lets play.”
Elifas Tomix Maspaitella


This Father’s Day, in order to make Taenggu’s “avocado family” complete (aside from her other 2 siblings not featured), I made a Avocado Dad version of the Avocado Mum card made for Taenggu Mum on Mother’s Day last month for Taenggu Dad too! See my Avocado Mum card at MOTHER’S DAY 2020 (FOR TAENGGU MUM): AVOCADO MUM. However, I chose to make a postcard version for Taenggu Dad unlike the square folded one for Taenggu Mum simply because I didn’t have enough of the same paper material left and all the bookstores and art shops had been closed as part of the circuit breaker measures in Singapore so I couldn’t buy more. (One important lesson from COVID-19: I learned to make use of what I have left! ☝🏼)

Taenggu Dad is like the other half of an avocado to Taenggu Mum; and Taenggu, their little child, is like the big round brown seed in the middle. On Mother’s Day, the Taenggu seed thanked her Avocado Mum for bearing her on her tummy for 9 months. For Father’s Day, I wondered what role an Avocado Dad could possibly play in Taenggu seed’s life. I decided that it could be a playmate and her pillar of support!

So I designed my card to have Taenggu seed sitting on top of her Avocado Dad with his hands supporting her. I’m not sure if everyone has had the same experience of sitting up high on their father’s head or shoulders as a kid. I couldn’t really remember that well, but my mum used to tell me fondly several times before about how my father once carried me on his shoulders to fight the queue against the other kids to receive free toy lanterns at a Mid-Autumn Festival event and I was sooooo happy. Hahaha. I guess Taenggu could have similar experience with her dad when she was little too! 😆

In loving memory of Taenggu’s late father. Although I don’t have any childhood photos of little Taenggu taken with her father (couldn’t find any online), here are all that I have managed to gather!

More detailed photos of my Avocado Dad postcard below! 📸

Taenggu and her avocado parents now reunited and complete!

Below are my other Father’s Day cards I had done for Taenggu Dad in the past 3 years (2017-2019).




Except for my first year’s “King of the King” card in 2017, I did not write and publish a writeup post here on AMLIFT about my Father’s Day cards in the last 2 years ever since because I seemed to get the feeling that Taenggu Dad was a very private person back then and probably would not want them published online. But after he passed away, I wondered if the feeling now could be different. It would have been nice to look back and compare the cards I did for him over the years now.

Although I do not really know much about how Taenggu Dad was like in person in real life, but from how I see it (based on intuition and fans’ accounts), to Taenggu, he was her playmate and supported her like an avocado. He was someone she looks up to like a King who believed in her. He was special and one-of-a-kind like a unicorn. And he was Superman, but a hero who does not wear a cape. He was the best dad she AVO wanted! 😍

Hope Taenggu likes this Avocado Dad postcard I made for her father this year too!
If I could, I would like to fly this postcard up to Heaven and send it to Taenggu Dad personally.
No matter where he is, he will always be in our hearts.


Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Watch and Listen: “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” by Owl City

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