Video: How Voices Were Like In Private Life

I always believed and already have guessed that Taenggu (and also other artistes whom I have reached out to) could also hear some of those mysterious ‘alien’ voices around them in their private lives even when they are not on stage.

This is one of the very rare precious videos where I could finally get a glimpse of and clearly hear how the voices really sounded like in action privately. It was taken from Tiffany’s snapchat last year when she and Taenggu were in the hotel room during a trip in the US. Before the trip, I told Taenggu I would be “travelling” with her and so I really went with her spiritually. At the time when this video was taken (it looks like morning in the US), due to the time difference in Singapore, I was most probably sleeping. If you listen to the audio with earphones, you can clearly hear some background voices around Taenggu. I edited the video with some captions in white to show you what I can hear from the video. At the start, there were some voices speaking in Korean while Taenggu was taking a selfie with her phone. I don’t understand what they were saying in Korean but I guess it could be both good and bad comments. Later, it seemed like there were some English words in a softer tone. Especially after she did the “kissing” sounds, a voice responded angrily, “Playing with who?” It sounded like a part of me who wasn’t trusting her enough when I couldn’t see what she was doing.

But the whole time I wasn’t aware of what was happening. I didn’t remember hearing any of these voices or speaking at all. It must have been going on in my unconscious mind. Later on, when I woke up and saw this video in my consciousness, I thought it was really interesting. From how I see it, Taenggu was obviously aware of those voices around her but she was trying to ignore what they said. And she was obviously taking care of me beside the bed and making me feel loved while I was sleeping, definitely not playing around with anybody. How sweet she was! If you noticed, they also turned on some music to make it less frightening to listen to these voices.

Where did these voices come from? Were they spirits or souls who just wanted to make contact with the artistes through my head? Why and how exactly did these voices get projected out of my head? And it’s still a mystery why only the artistes can audibly hear these voices but not my family, friends and even myself. Probably because I don’t spend a great deal of time observing them closely in videos and photos like I do for the artistes. Or probably my friends and family are not taught to tune in to these voices yet. For myself, I may not hear these voices a lot in my daily private life too. But sometimes, after I record myself in videos when I’m outside with many people, I seem to hear some weird voices when I listen to the videos carefully again with my earphones afterwards. Probably my hearing sense for these ‘alien’ voices is much sharper when I listen to them in videos. Sometimes, I feel I’m actually protected by a guardian angel who shield me from hearing these voices audibly and directly in person because she knows I would be scared. As I get older, I get more timid too. But for now, hearing some of these voices in my head, though not clear, is still acceptable to me.

But I do hope for one day when Taenggu’s real voice can be heard loud and clear around me too (if in person, it will be great too hahaha). Till that day comes, I will be brave for her.

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