Kiss Day 2019: Give Me Love’s First Kiss And… Leave A Lipstick Mark On Me

“The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love’s First Kiss…”
“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.”
Coco Chanel
“Kiss marks are love letters carved on flesh.”
Arunima Mondal


Today is known as Kiss Day in Korea. I guess the name already says it all and needs no further explanation of what couples would do on this day. Kekeke.

I had this idea of using a sweet scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story when the prince bends forward to give Snow White a Love’s First Kiss when she is lying on her death bed and making it into a Kiss Day card for Taenggu. I was contemplating between drawing it out and remaking the scene through paper art until a sudden spark of idea to take the easiest way out – doing simple digital edits and having it printed out as my own custom printed card!

The kiss scene between the prince and Snow White I was referring to

I wanted to design the card such that I would have the kissing scene of Snow White and the prince peeping through the gap between a lipstick mark. So I found suitable images online and positioned them nicely using the software on my laptop. As for the words, I took inspiration from the following Disney image about the sleeping spell that you usually find in Disney fairytales.

I also found this image with a LGBT twist. Hehehe!

Then the next thing to do was to grab a quick time in between my hectic personal schedules to have it printed at the printing shop at my house downstairs. And ta-da, my first self-designed Disney fairytale-themed card was born. If the art theme for last month’s Yellow / Rose Day was Princess Belle from Beauty and The Beast (read post: Yellow Day / Rose Day 2019: The Enchanted Belle Rose (Beauty And The Beast Inspired)), then this month’s Kiss Day shall be about Snow White! 👸🍎

Close-up shots of my card. 📸

To complement my card further, I spent the Saturday afternoon just a week before Kiss Day to attend a Naiise workshop to learn how to make my own D.I.Y lipstick! Previously I had also attended another workshop organized by Naiise to make resin jewellery which I later gave to Taenggu as a 520 Day present (read post: 520 Day 2019: “Love You, Miss You” Handmade Saga Seed Resin Jewellery). This time, I just so happened to find out about this lipstick workshop a month ago and realized it was so perfectly timed for the upcoming Kiss Day (even though we don’t celebrate Kiss Day in Singapore). Lipstick would be such a perfect present to be gifted to my girlfriend who herself is a makeup lover too.

What was interesting about this workshop was that the type of lipstick we would be learning to make is similar to the one I got from Taiwan last year. It’s a translucent, see-through kind where you can see a small flower in middle filled with tiny pieces of gold leaves surrounding it. When you apply it on your lips or skin, it would change colour according to your body temperature.

My own lipstick which I got from Taiwan is similar to what we would be learning to make at the workshop.

This is most likely a Taiwanese style lipstick because the teacher who taught us how to make this lipstick is a makeup artist from Taiwan too. And it made me excited to be able to make a lipstick for Taenggu that is similar to the one I owned and have been using for a long time now, hence you can see from the above photo that the length of my lipstick is pretty short now.

During the workshop, we started off by choosing a lipstick case of our liking. We were spoilt with a variety of choices, from cute ones, fanciful ones, stylish ones, classic ones to exotic ones. It was really hard to choose what I think would suit Taenggu and the concept of my card best. I went from picking one with a dark pink acrylic casing initially to switching to another one with purple mosaic design until I found a rainbow version of the mosaic one.

A wide range of empty lipstick casings for us to choose from!
Set my eyes on this one at the end after having a hard time choosing.

I chose this for various reasons. First, rainbow is the representative colour of our love, my rainbow bunny and the LGBT community. Second, mosaic reminds me of my style of art in the earlier days (see related posts: 1ST ANNIVERSARY: MOSAIC LOVE, VDAY 2015: LOVE PUZZLE). Third, the whole look of this lipstick case exudes so much enchanting fairytale vibes. And last but not least, the cover of this case is magnetic which I think is really slick and cool! YES THIS SHALL BE THE ONE.

Our teacher, Mia Yeh is a really outgoing and jovial person. She did a good job in livening the atmosphere and all of us could enjoy the full 2.5 hour of workshop light-heartedly with smiles and laughter. The process wasn’t too complicated per se, but it would be difficult to do it yourself at home if you don’t have those materials.

The setup of my work table
Our teacher in front demonstrating the steps to us with all her tools and equipments set up
Each of us received a portion of wax for the lipstick. I was told it’s paraben-free!
After melting our wax mixed with the gold leaves, we poured it into a metal lipstick mould and then tipped our flower in before we let it cool.
Our teacher, Mia Yeh (the lady in light grey dress) guiding the students along with the lipstick making process

To add on, while we were preparing the wax, we could choose to add one or two drops of aroma oils of our liking. There were a few scents to choose from and I decided to drip peppermint and lavender ones for Taenggu.

I actually had 2 attempts of making the lipstick. My first attempt was a failed one because the purple flower I used initially wasn’t tipped deep enough into the mould so it ended up too low and hidden out of sight when fitting it into my lipstick case. So I had a second attempt and this time I used a blue flower instead because they had run out of purple ones (I chose between blue and purple flowers because they are Taenggu’s favourite colours). Although the process wasn’t smooth, I was the happiest when my final product came out at the end. So pretty!

Detailed shots of my final lipstick product. 😁💄📸

Packed in my very own fairylike white gauze pouch, this lipstick is ready to be presented to Taenggu as a Kiss Day gift!

Because I really wanted to try out how the colour of my lipstick would look like on my lips, I applied just a liiiiiittle bit on myself (an indirect kiss? ㅋㅋ). The colour actually is kinda pink.

In giving this handmade lipstick of mine to Taenggu, I wish she could apply it on her lips too and bombard me with lots of kisses and leave lots of lipstick marks on my face as evidence of love. Lol.

HAPPY KISS DAY 탱구야! Hope you like these presents I’ve prepared for you for the first time for Kiss Day this year! Hope you will use the lipstick well (was told that it can only last for one year once you start using it since it’s paraben-free). Love you! Muacks. 💋


Here’s Taenggu’s old doodle of Snow White. Isn’t it adorable?? 😍

SNSD appeared at Knowing Bros dressing up as 8 Snow Whites in 2017 before! Doesn’t Taenggu look stunning as Snow White in real life too? 😱😍

While the lipstick that I’m giving Taenggu is Taiwanese style, recently I went shopping at Miniso and received a Korean style lipstick as a free gift!! Is this a Kiss Day gift for me from Heaven too?

P.S. But I don’t like the colour though. 😅

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