#41 Monthsary: Thor Taeng

“You’re my THOR-chlight in the dark.”
Celeste Koh


Taenggu had just released her “Something New” album on June 18. The concept of her music video of the title track “Something New” was really interesting and had garnered a lot of viewerships and discussions among her fans (view the music video here). There was one particular scene where Taenggu was holding up a hammer to strike her enemy in the lift which triggered several memes by fans to hilariously compare Taenggu to Thor, the god of lightning/thunder who is always seen holding a hammer as featured in Marvel movies.

A striking resemblance in the poses between Thor and Taenggu 😂

Thus, I was inspired to make a Thor Taeng drawing for our 41st monthsary later that same month. However, my initial idea was to make a real-life portrait of Taenggu in a Thor outfit. But just one day before our monthsary, when I began to work on it, I probably wasn’t fuelled with enough good energy. I couldn’t seem to get Taenggu’s facial features right or up to my satisfaction after spending a long time sketching, erasing, redrawing and erasing over and over again.

I wasn’t happy with my initial real-life sketch of Taenggu based on the screenshot from her Something New MV.

Hard-pressed for time, I decided to simplify my original idea. Why not make a cute cartoonised drawing instead? I thought. It would take less time and effort to draw but at the same time, it would be something fresh and different from the usual portrait sketches I had been doing for the past monthsaries.

So I changed my plan and went ahead with a cartoon Thor Taeng instead. I did refer to a few samples of a cartoonised Thor I found online but I did some tweaks to make it look more like Taenggu herself based on the screenshot from the Something New music video. Then I added a cloud and a few raindrops (reminds me of Taenggu’s other song “Rain” which is my all-time favourite) and there, I was done! I was so happy with my cartoon sketch!

My revised cartoon sketch of Thor Taeng which I finally felt was good enough to be presented to Taenggu

Of course, the last thing left to do was to paint it with watercolours. Does it look like a really cutesy, nicey, cartoony illustration of Thor Taeng? I felt like this particular drawing style is something Taenggu personally likes too! 😌

I submitted this as one of my entries for a fan art competition for Something New that was taking place on Fanbook at that time.

Taeyeon Fanbook event for Something New album which I participated in
My Thor Taeng drawing among other fan art entries submitted by other really cool fan artists!

And I’ve got a comment on my drawing saying “This is so cool hahaha!” 😁 Hahaha I hoped this unconventional cartoon drawing of mine had managed to stand out from so many really cool digital artworks done by the other more professional fan artists and invoke a smile on people’s faces back then because of its cuteness and simplicity. I was just a novice in comparison. Heh. 😅

Speaking of Thor, he is actually my personal favourite superhero from the Marvel movies whereas for Taenggu, I guess it is still Iron Man. Keke. Last year, I even did a Thor-inspired card for sale on Carousell and it was sold some time around Christmas later that same year. That quote on the card came from an idea that struck my head when I was contemplating what new cards to make for sale on Carousell out of my interest.

My very own Thor inspired card that I handmade and sold on Carousell last year

I was also reminded of my own instastories which I posted during my trip to Kuching, Sarawak in June this year. We were at a hawker centre named Kuching 101 for dinner when the sky was overcast with grey clouds as the sun was about to set, warning us of an impending storm. I looked at the scary but beautiful pinkish grey sky with occasional flashes of lightning and had an amusing thought that it was a sign that Thor is coming. 😆

No, THOR TAENG is coming. 😉🔨🌩💜

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