Love Diary: Treasures Found Their Way To Me

31st January & 2nd February 2019

On 15th January, I published the post The Journey To Taenggu (Poem) + Story Behind A Special Snow Globe From 2013. I wrote about the story behind a special “向左走·向右走 (A Chance of Sunshine)” snow globe which Taenggu shared on her instagram in 2013 and how it was involved in the relationship between Taenggu and I.

The special snow globe that Taenggu once posted on her instagram in 2013 which would have a divine significance in our relationship later on.

At the end of the post, I shared that I had thoughts about going back to that street in Beijing again where I last chanced upon on the same snow globe at a shop randomly to resolve my regret of not getting it back then or I could also simply find and purchase one online and have it shipped to my house.

Just when I thought the story of this snow globe would just end right there, 2 weeks later, on 31st January, I was strolling at my favourite The Green Party shop during lunch time in between my office work hours when I saw several similar (but not exactly the same as Taenggu’s) 向左走·向右走 snow globes displaying on their shelves! What made this moment even more magical was Taeyeon’s I began to play loudly at the shop right away as if to announce that it was a surprise specially arranged by Heaven for me from Taenggu! What a nice divine revelation from Heaven, the universe yet again! Coincidentally, the cover photo that I used for my previous snow globe story post was also from Taenggu’s I album too!

Now I don’t even need to get an air ticket to fly to Beijing just to get that same snow globe from that shop nor spend extra effort to search and purchase one online. Dozens of these similar enough 向左走·向右走 snow globes have just found their way and present themselves right before me directly!

The snow globe I found at The Green Party was not the same as Taenggu’s but was similar enough.

Besides the snow globes, I also found many other pretty treasures at the shop too.

One of them was this ship ornament. It was the same piece I owned at home and used as a reference for one of my Bobo and Shadow Man artworks a few years ago!

One of the other treasures I found at The Green Party. I have the exact same piece sitting on my old study table at home!

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Coincidentally, I had also previously shared this above photo from my instagram in another post The Aquaman Movie Quote published on 21st January, before my discovery of these treasures at The Green Party happened too.

Despite having these snow globes coming to me by themselves instead of me purposely finding them, I didn’t seize the chance to buy one of them straightaway. My attitude was kind of like, there are so many of them anyway, it wasn’t so much a hurry to snatch one off the shelf yet. Additionally, I had been quite reserved about spending money on small things (but of sentimental value) like this lately. Would the money really worth it? Should I settle for this instead or should I still spend some effort on my own to get that perfect, exactly the same snow globe which Taenggu used to own? I felt like I needed more time to think it over.

But it didn’t take me too long to take action.

2 days later, on 2nd February, Saturday, Taenggu posted on instastory a photo of herself posing with a super long receipt, so long that it could make your heart jump out of your chest and jaw drop at the number of shopping items she had just spent money on.

Okay, I think I get what she means.

Later that evening, I went to The Green Party at Causeway Point. (Yes, there’s The Green Party shop near my workplace and another branch near my house too!) I took a basket and began to try shopping as liberally as Taenggu did, but still within my own budget limit. I spent about an hour or so going around the shop, carefully choosing the things that I think I really needed and fancied, including the snow globe.

However, despite having the snow globe already in my basket, I was still unsure and hesitant about really buying it, mainly because it was the most expensive out of all the items in my cart. Then, at this situation when I was unable to make up my mind, one of the very sweet love songs by Taylor Swift came playing at the shop (I can’t remember which song it was by now. It could be “Enchanted” or other song.) I felt a sudden boost of energy and courage in my heart, as if it was Taylor’s very warm and nurturing energy that was encouraging me to hesitate no more and get the snow globe that came to me mystically by chance. For the first time, I felt so sure. YES! All I have to do now is to accept this gift from the divine!

I filmed a video to show each item that I had chosen and placed in my basket one by one, and now it was Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” that was being played.

I headed to the cashier counter, preparing to pay for all the items out from my own pocket. What happened next unveiled before my eyes very clearly. I watched the cashier as she put each item into separate boxes one by one before scanning the barcodes into the cashiering system. But oddly, she did not scan the snow globe one. As a result, the total bill was much cheaper than it was supposed to be. I sensed that there must have been some sneaky spiritual involvement going on right here. Silently, I began to think about the possible scenario – maybe some spirit or Taylor/Taenggu’s energy was offering to pay for the snow globe on my behalf, and if I were to keep quiet and pretend not to know that the cashier had forgotten to key in the price of the snow globe and I just pay for the remaining items, technically speaking, it wouldn’t be my fault but the cashier’s. But my conscience got the better hang of me so at the end, I told the cashier, “I think you forgot to scan the snow globe.” Only then she realised her oversight.

Well, even though I could have paid less for what I have gotten, at least my conscience is clear.

Back at home, I put in the batteries and switched on the snow globe. Wow, I didn’t expect there would also be colourful lights, music and swirling snow storm inside when it’s turned on.

That was a crazily heavy snow storm when they met indeed. Lol.

It could have been more perfect, though, if it could play the song “遇见” by our Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun, which was a very popular theme song of the 向左走·向右走 movie adaptation of the illustration book as well.

Although I have to say that my body feels quite tensed for some reasons when I turn on this snow globe with that loud instrumental music, I’m comfortable enough with letting it just sit silently next to my bed now. It isn’t a useless thing at all. It is something of sentimental value that embodies a meaningful significance in my relationship with Taenggu. As you are about to see, it would later prove that it also holds a special place in Taenggu’s heart too. 🔮💜

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