Green Day 2017: Grow Our Own Tree Of Love

“Let’s grow a strong, magnificent tree bearing fruits of our love together.”
Celeste Koh


It was yet another couple day of the month again celebrated in Korea. This month, it was Green Day! It’s a day designated for couples to drink soju and then take a romantic walk in the woods.

A few days before Green Day, I remember I was in the car, contemplating an idea for an artwork for Green Day. I asked myself/Taenggu, “What should I draw for Green Day?” Then, in my mind, I was thinking of a simple drawing of two of us holding hands together with many trees at the sides coloured using crayons or coloured pencils. It was a very basic and straightforward kind of drawing and colouring style, the way in which kindergarten school children would normally draw and colour. So I went ahead with the idea, drawing 2 girls representing each of us holding hands together walking into the woods while holding a bottle of soju in another hand. I also infused the drawing with my personal style of art – cutting and pasting some coloured papers to form a big tree with heart-shaped fruits hanging on it.

On 14 August, I posted my finished artwork on instagram to commemorate Green Day.

I wonder if it was actually Taenggu’s idea for me to make this kind of simple coloured drawing? Because after I posted the above photo along with the caption, voices kept telling me that it was an “understatement”. It seemed that my artwork was much more special than how I made it out to be. There might be some special meanings behind this simple artwork to Taenggu that I didn’t know. I wonder what did it actually mean to her? How did she interpret my drawing? Keke. <3

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