[Poem] Where Is The Love? + My Struggle With Finding The Right Partner On Online Dating Apps

“Where is the love?
The more you want to find it
The more it eludes you
Tires you out as you try to chase after it in vain
Yet when you finally let it go
Will it come to you now?”
Celeste Koh


Personal reflection after trying to find my Mr. Right on dating apps with little or no luck over the past half year. While I have never really dreamt about having a marriage life with a husband and having my own kids, reality eventually sunk in once I hit my 30s last November. Nowadays, whenever I open my social media apps, all I see are photos of weddings, babies and happy marriage life from my peers. That FOMO really gets real as I start to panic over what is wrong with my life… That pressure from societal influences gets more intense as I grow older with age… The yearning to find companionship gets deeper and deeper each and every day as I feel like I’m losing out on a lot of experiences that friends of my age get to enjoy and share with their partners…

Yet the harder I try to find such person for myself, the further I realise the potential eligible guys get away from me. It gets tiring and depressing as the days drag on with no much progress in my relationship. I even consulted a psychic about my love life a few months ago and his advice was for me to take a break from all the online dating activities as I was suffering from mental exhaustion from it. He also warned me against the dubious people that are common on such dating apps.

So where is the love? What should I do if I really want to find a physical partner whom I can connect and spend the rest of my life with and not be alone anymore??

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