Book Reference To Diffused Background Supernatural Voices In Videos / Voice Recordings – Why Not Everyone Could Hear The Same Things That I Did: “The Art of Thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli


From Chapter 3 – Why You See Shapes in the Clouds (Clustering Illusion)

“In 1957, Swedish opera singer Friedrich Jorgensen bought a tape player to record his vocals. When he listened back to the recording, he heard strange noises throughout, whispers that sounded like supernatural messages. A few years later, he recorded birdsong. This time, he heard the voice of his deceased mother in the background whispering to him: “Fried, my little Fried, can you hear me? It’s Mammy.” That did it. Jorgensen turned his life around and devoted himself to communicating with the deceased via tape recordings.”

Author’s explanation for this illusion:

“The human brain seeks patterns and rules. In fact, it takes it one step further: If it finds no familiar patterns, it simply invents some. The more diffuse the signal, such as the background noise on the tape, the easier it is to find “hidden messages” in it.”

My Reflections

When I first decided to pick up this book to read, I definitely was not expecting to come across the above brief story about this guy who claimed to be able to hear mystical voices from the dead in his voice recordings. After all, my intention of reading this popular best-selling book was hoping to learn how to think more clearly, as its title suggests, while trying to cope with a schizophrenic mind with distracting or confusing voices at times. To have a mind of my own, as some might say. So this story indeed came as a surprise to me. It is intriguing, and perhaps a relief, to know there was at least someone in the history who was like me claiming to be able to pick up certain voice signals that we believed to be from another dimension.

Yet this book, which is educating us on thinking more objectively and logically, debunks this as something subjective to humans’ tendencies in finding patterns in random things. The author believes that the guy’s “psychic ability” was actually just a matter of associating patterns in diffused voice signals or background noise. I must say, his viewpoint is very enlightening to me, even though I might still insist that certain supernatural voices in some videos that I could hear in the past are real. At least, he helps me understand why not everybody could hear the exact same words from the more diffused or obscured background voices that I could from those videos.

Below carousel are some old blog posts containing video recordings with such supernatural voices that could be heard in them which I had written about in the past.

As I did a quick search online to know more about Friedrich Jorgensen, I came across this article and found out there is a team of paranormal investigators in the US who are working on this particular research field of transdimensional communication through the phenomena called “Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)”, which I believe to have been motivated by Friedrich’s first successful recording of spirits’ voices in 1959. In the article, it also recommends the use of an electret microphone that works the best in detecting and recording these EVPs.

Now, it’s not that I want to get an electret microphone and try out picking up these EVP signals to prove that the voices I hear in my schizophrenic mind every day are real. The point should be, why are the voices in the videos in my above posts that were uploaded by Taeyeon and other artists themselves sounded like real human voices as if they were right next to them and audible in the SAME DIMENSION just using a normal phone’s video recording function without a special device like an electret microphone? How, then, to filter out these extra inserted voices in the background that I believe to be from another dimension and prove that these supernatural voices could be heard in their videos?? How to magnify these voice signals to our normal human hearing range so that most people could then agree with me on what was being said by those supernatural voices in the background? That way, can this clustering illusion fallacy that the book author pointed out be overcome for the matter of hearing supernatural messages in videos and voice recordings then..?

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