[Poem] Choice + Book Reference About The Paradox Of Choice

We all have a choice
Yet in life
When we are presented with too many choices
We more likely end up not taking any
So if I have a choice
I would like to have only one choice presented to me
The single highest and best choice
Celeste Koh


Inspired by Chapter 21 – Less Is More (Paradox of Choice) in the book titled “The Art of Thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli

The chapter summarises 3 main points about having a large selection of choices:

  1. A large selection leads to inner paralysis, causing one to be unable to come to a decision.
  2. It leads to poorer decisions – it was proven that the stress caused by this mind-boggling variety (in the example of online dating) is so large that the male brain reduces the decision to one single criterion: physical attractiveness.
  3. It leads to discontent – the more choices you have, the more unsure whether you are making the right choice and therefore dissatisfied you are afterward.

In this modern world where we are inundated with a wide variety of selections available to us, instead of always stressing ourselves over determining which is the best choice, perhaps making a “good enough” choice will suffice.

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