Other Hints / Coincidences From The Drama To My Real Life: Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost 卧虎藏鬼

An extension to my previous post

In the first episode, there are several scenes showing the floor level and unit number of the haunted unit where the ghost lived.

Coincidentally, my house unit is also on the 7th floor and the unit number #07-48 is very close to my neighbour’s unit just directly opposite facing mine! (All the unit numbers at my block are odd-numbered so technically this unit #07-48 doesn’t exist at my block.) This made me relate to another strange coincidence that I discovered about my neighbour recently.

For the past 30+ years since I was born, my family have been living at the same house. The family living at the next door unit have also never moved ever since our housing flat was built. We would politely greet when we see each other but we have never been that close enough to know each other by names. Only my father who is more outspoken and sociable would chat with the owners at greater lengths sometimes. Last year, their family welcomed a newborn baby girl in the house. She is the two eldest owners’ grandchild. When the baby turned 1 month old, they gifted my father a cake voucher card in celebration of her first full month of age. The baby’s name was written on the card. Guess what her name is…? CELESTE. In the exact spelling with the letter ‘E’ at the back. We were all both surprised and amused when my father told us about it. Even so, we still have never once revealed to our neighbours that I actually have the same name since I was born until now.

Yet it’s kind of spooky if I think deeper about the implication behind these coincidences. ….Does this mean the ghost has now moved next door, targeting the next generation’s Celeste as her next psychic medium for mind-singing….possibly?

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