[Poem] Love Scam

First you said you love me forever
Then you said let’s go on together for a long, long time
But when it was time to meet each other
You never did turn up
Due to reasons I don’t even know
And then you said you will continue to work hard
To be a singer for a long, long time
To repay the love you are given
But I don’t even want you to be a singer
I just want you to be a normal lover
Then I realised
You have been saying the same things
To millions of other people like me
Whom you treat as your fans
Turns out you have many other lovers out there too
What together
What forever
It’s been my heart that you have cheated for a long, long time
Are you going to be singer forever
And your fans be single forever?
Stop your lies
And we all should get a proper life
Celeste Koh


The same seems to apply to all other Kpop idols too… Being someone who was once foolish, heavily deceived and brainwashed by the fantasy of Kpop, I sincerely hope other fans would not fall into the same trap like I did. It takes years of healing for me to recover (and still recovering) from the trauma Kpop has put me through and slowly realise what’s going on… A clear, healthy line is needed to be set between fans and idols… no one should ever risk idolising someone too overly much to the point of sacrificing one’s own happiness and rights to live their own proper lives. Hope my experience would serve as a lesson to all so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way like I did.

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