Schizophrenic Episode: Giving Tuition With A Schizophrenic Mind

Like many other university undergraduates
I took up tuition assignments
Earning extra pocket money during my free time outside of school
I think I was concurrently teaching about 2-3 kids at that time
Start of 2013
I had an Indian girl
Another Indian boy
Another Chinese girl perhaps
But those days were so dark
Gloomy like the weather
Frequent rain
Trips to my tutees’ house were like a race between the good and evil
A terrifying roller coaster ride for me
Or was it a play of hide and seek?
Getting onto the train
Incessant chatterings
Whispers whispers
Weird stares
Getting chased by invisible things
Rushing against time to reach my tutee’s place
So who would get there first?
Which spirit would possess my tuition kid this time?
A good one who would listen to my teachings well?
Or a mischievous one who would challenge my method to solve a certain math problem?

I received a new assignment to teach a new Indian girl
For my first class one evening
I arrived at her place
Her HDB block, quiet and deserted
Inside her house
Living room was pitch dark
Lights not switched on
In her room, lights were dim
The whole place filled with bad aura
Throughout the lesson
The girl, quiet and unresponsive
Is she possessed??
Then I sensed an invisible “friend” sitting on the bed in front of us
“Wait for me outside!”
I said in my head
Lesson ended
I made my leave
The corridor was also dark outside
Turned to the corner where the staircase was
There I saw
Lights were flickering
Scared and unsure
If I should take the stairs down
As I walked nearer
Lights suddenly stopped flickering
And remained on
As I mustered the courage and hurried down the stairs
Reached ground level and never turned back
Home was where I ran back to

Next day
Still quite traumatised by my bad first lesson experience
I informed the girl’s parents
I wouldn’t be able to continue lessons with her
“Your house location is too far”
Was my reason
And my excuse for not wanting to go back to that creepy place again
But was it just my mind that was playing tricks on me…?

A Teachers’ Day gift from one of my tutees in 2014

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