[Poem] 守株待兔 (Guard The Tree And Wait For The Rabbit)

Tired of always reaching out
Took a step back
I decided
Just guard the tree and wait for the rabbit
It’s okay to let myself be reached out to

Not saying I should just be passively waiting
It’s just that
I realised
Compared to actively trying to engage people who just don’t give a shit
It’s better to save my energy until someone does finally give a shit and take action when the day comes
Celeste Koh


Excerpt from “The Comfort Book” (Chapter: “It’s okay”) by Matt Haig

[TRANS] I took this out because I wanted to see (myself) smiling.
Trans by sonexstella

[TRANS] there are still traces left. it hurts, but it’s a relief.
Trans by ch0sshi

[TRANS] If I was told to go back, I think I could go back.

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