All Alone

The first time I was alone It was not by choice I got dumped by friends who made empty promises Who cancelled dates last minute Who left me behind to join other more popular groups of friends The last time I was alone It was my choice Too used to spending time with myself I might have forgotten how it’s like to completely enjoy the company of my friends or anyone around me Without thinking that this person might just walk out of my life anytime the same way the others did Celeste Koh #220405# I still remember how it felt like when I ate alone at a restaurant for the first time. I was at junior college. I used to hang out a lot with this Indian girl in class. Maybe like her who was quite like an outcast, I also couldn’t really fit myself in or feel comfortable with the rest of the so-called “cliques” in class So we both would end up together most of the time. It was school holidays and students were busy preparing for the upcoming final exams. We promised each other that we would meet up in school to study together to motivate …….

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