People Always Leave – The Drawing From A Friend That Affected How I Viewed Friendships

It was a drawing which a secondary school friend left for me in my little sketchbook
I used to pass the sketchbook around to invite my schoolmates to contribute their own drawings in it so that I can keep it as a memory in our final year before we would graduate and part our ways to different schools
This particular friend from symphonic band drew what seems like a traffic light
With the words of I vaguely remembered as “People Always Leave”
(Although it could also be something else along the lines of “people come and go”)
I asked her what such an abstract art from her actually meant
She said it was up to my interpretation.

Today I can no longer find the sketchbook anywhere
But this drawing still left a deep impression in my mind
So vivid that I could even reproduce it as my post image here
It was almost like a curse
It really reflected the friends that had left my life whom I had lost contact with since then, including the original sketcher herself
Maybe it was already in her plans
That she would cut off all her contacts from secondary school and move on to her new life in London without a word
But this might have caused some unspoken hurt in my heart being someone who had treated her as a close friend sincerely, and even affected how I would deal with my other friendships later on too.

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