Relationship Insurance

What is the best insurance against a high potential relationship risk?
For an unconfirmed relationship of many years
Who can I claim compensation from if things don’t work out at the end?
How much can I claim for all the emotional damages I have suffered?

People usually say, a relationship commitment entails the following:
(I) Acts of Service
(II) Words of Affirmation
(III) Physical Touch
(IV) Quality Time
(V) Bonus: Shower of Gifts / Romantic Surprises
(VI) Double Bonus: Public Display of Affection

If the other party does not fulfil all the above relationship clauses, will I get enough compensation for all my trust that is lost and one-sided effort wasted?

So what will be the best mitigation for an incidental relationship loss?
Always have a backup plan?
If Person A fails to comply as per expectation, then look for a Person B on standby?

When something that could be as genuine as a mutual understanding and sincere trust are being abused and breached, then seeking closure in the form of a “legal” and practical method seems to be the only way left to go now.

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