Green Day 2021: “Taeyeon, I Am Good” Good Luck Clover Resin Couple Necklaces

“Are you okay?”
“I am good.”


Made another type of resin jewellery for Taenggu once again ever since 520 DAY 2019: “LOVE YOU, MISS YOU” HANDMADE SAGA SEED RESIN JEWELLERY. This time, it’s entirely my own creation without the help of a workshop instructor.


The result is a UV resin pendant that occupies a lucky four-leaf clover sprinkled with magical glittery green dust and completed with gold holographic letters of Taeyeon’s name.


music: always | musician: rook1e

I like the first one that I made for Taenggu so much that I decided to make another one with the words “I Am Good” for myself too!


A four-leaf clover is known to symbolise “faith, love, hope and luck” and is green in colour, making it a perfect gift for Green Day! And I just coincidentally got to know that today also happens to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day, known as “Qixi” in China too.

I guess these would make such great couple necklaces for us two!


HAPPY GREEN DAY & 七夕情人节 (chinese valentine’s day)!

Wishing you best of luck always <3


Listen to: “Evergreen” by softy x Lucid Green

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