White Day 2021: Somebunny Loves You

“Actually in my mind, Do you love me?
One thing I wished for, You love me
I know the word is overused and cliche
But if I hear it, I will melt at that word
The word that will melt me, Do you?”
(내 맘속 사실 Do you love me?
바랬던 단 하나 You love me
알아요 너무 흔한 그 말 세상 뻔한
그래도 듣게 되면 나 녹아버릴 그 말
날 녹여버릴 그 말 Do you?)
Taeyeon (태연) – “Do You Love Me?”


To continue my tradition of making a paper origami artwork every White Day (see my paper boat origami I did last White Day: WHITE DAY 2020: PAPER BOAT LOVERS), I wondered what’s something white and relevant I should do for an origami this White Day? I looked through the list of origami ideas online and something cute caught my eyes – a white bunny origami!

Bunny has always been an inseparable part of my relationship with Taenggu since 2015 – if you look at my profile photo on the top right column, you probably would know what I mean lol. Among so many other things, Taenggu is also like a bunny to me. So, making a bunny origami that symbolises her as a person to me seems like a perfect idea for a White Day artwork this year too! Coupled with a perfect quote that struck my mind from a pouch that I sold away a few years ago, I think there’s a little message or story that I wanna tell through this artwork this time.

Had some fun learning how to fold this new paper bunny origami before adding little accessories like pink pearl eyes and a red ribbon scarf to make my bunny look as stylish as Taenggu herself, finally completed with a bonus red heart origami, a little bit of baby breath dried flowers and a couple of Taenggu’s favourite white daisies on a white frame. 😍

“Somebunny loves me” – it reminds me of the time in secondary school when I had someone who identified herself only as my secret admirer leave a message of love confession written with a chalk on my table, but I never knew who that person really was even up till this day as she did not reveal herself since then. I guess that’s the story of my love life ever since, like a curse – always feeling like there’s somebody who loves me, but I could never really know or confirm who that person is or have that somebody coming up and confess directly to me before. 😢

My dearest Bunny Taeng, Kim Taeyeon,

I’ve always wanted to ask if that somebody who loves me could be you.
I’ve always wanted to hear those words from you. Do you love me?
The feelings that I always have in my heart that I wish to confirm. Do you love me?

At least I wish to let you know, I’m that somebody who loves you too!
Happy White Day, my somebunny! 🐇💜

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Listen to: “Do You Love Me?” by Kim TaeYeon

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