6th Anniversary: I’m Your Daisy

my honey
my daisy
my only
So what do I call you now
Taeyeon “What Do I Call You” lyrics
Yes I love daisies
No flashy bunch
No guarding thorns
No hypnotising fragrance
Just wild and simple
Anamika Singh

My annual painting for our 6th anniversary this year is pretty much inspired by Taeyeon’s latest title song “What Do I Call You” released last December.

I first noticed an interesting connection of the daisy when they introduced a “My Daisy” version of her new album. I later found out that it was because the lyrics of “What Do I Call You” wrote about calling her past lover “my daisy” among other names.

I found this interesting because a few years ago on White Day, I did some fan edits of her with a white daisy concept. You can browse them in my below instagram post.

In my blog post writeup WHITE DAY 2018: A DAISY FOR YOU about those edits, I also wrote that I want to be her daisy.

This special connection from her latest album is what prompted me to make a white daisy painting to commemorate this important day that marks our 6 years of relationship together.

Nothing too complicated, no fancy colours, no complex background story. Just a simple white daisy with a bright smile on its face, reminding each other that no matter what happens, just stand tall and stay positive. We will always be each other’s daisy.

Love you so much, my daisy 🌼

Painted with love,⁣⁣⁣
Celeste Koh⁣⁣⁣

Listen and Watch: “What Do I Call You” by Taeyeon

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