Zero Birthday 2020: AYO, ZERO! (I Got A Good Boy)

“I got a boy 멋진 I got a boy 착한
I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간
I got a boy 멋진 I got a boy 착한
I got a boy awesome boy 완전 반했나 봐
(I got a boy a cool one, I got a boy a kind one
I got a boy handsome boy who took all my heart
I got a boy a cool one, I got a boy a kind one
I got a boy awesome boy guess I’ve fallen for him)
Girls’ Generation – “I Got A Boy” lyrics
“Thanks to Zero, I take walks outside. Before, I used to always stay at home. Zero helps me heal. I’m so lucky to have him.”
Petionista Taengoo EP1 (2019)
Q: “What does Zero mean to you?”
“My best friend to whom I’m thankful for always bringing out for a walk.”
Kim TaeYeon


My this year’s concept for Zero’s birthday artwork is about him being a good boy to Taeyeon.

It all started when she updated the bio on her Zero instagram account @zero.taeyeon to include a liner that describes Zero as a “Good Boy” earlier in January this year.

Very recently, Taeyeon began a collaboration with SPAO Korea to release a series of Zero ‘GOODBOY’ merchandise which include t-shirts, pyjamas, pouch, eye masks, key rings and more, all of which were sold out within minutes when they were released for sale at their stores in Korea.

You can also see Taeyeon wearing a few different designs of their Zero t-shirts and pyjamas herself on her instagram gallery post below.

So how exactly is Zero a good boy to Taeyeon? I guess this following video says it best. How cute to hear Taenggu calling Zero a good boy each time he listens to her commands and does dog tricks for her! Kekeke.

Taeyeon: Zero, paw!
Zero *gives her his paw*
Taeyeon: My god! Good boy!
Taeyeon: Zero, paw!
Zero *gives her his paw again*
Taeyeon: Ahahaha! Good Boy! Good job 😘
— ✪TAEYEON UPDATES (@309KTYSS) September 17, 2018

As I thought about Taenggu having a good boy poodle like Zero by her side, I made a connection with my favourite SNSD song of all-time “I Got A Boy”, that magical song which first got me into mind-singing (and schizophrenia) in 2013. Rather than simply “I Got A Boy”, I want to convey the message that “I (Taeyeon) Got A Good Boy” through my artwork for Zero while drawing inspirations from the song.

So I did the same signature thread art that I did for all my previous birthday artworks for Zero but what’s different this time was that I used a printed image of him as a base to improve accuracy and efficiency. Then I made him wear a baseball cap and baggy clothes similar to those stage outfits that SNSD usually wore for their “I Got A Boy” performances back then. Finally, I attempted to write the words with references to “I Got A Boy” lyrics in a more funky graffiti style to match the street hip-hop vibes that the song exudes.

More detailed photos of my completed artwork! 📸

Dear Zero,


Thank you for always bringing my Taenggu out for walks!
Always be a good boy to your noona yeah! 👦🏻

Love you too!
Woof woof. 💜

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Watch & Listen: “I Got A Boy” by Girls’ Generation

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