#65 Monthsary: A Vacation In The Skies Of Japan For Love & Peace

“Japan never considers time together as time wasted. Rather, it is time invested.”
Donald Richie
“雨降って地固まる (あめふってじかたまる) [AME FUTTE CHI KATAMARU]”
Literal translation: After the rain falls, earth hardens
Meaning: You should accept problems or difficulties as factors which can change the situation for the better.
Japanese Proverb (Reference)
“There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit – love.”
Morihei Ueshiba
“I want to do with you what the spring does with the cherry trees.”
Pablo Neruda
“This is our cry, this is our prayer: peace in the world.”
Sadako Sasaki


My next “travel” destination after Paris from my last monthsary artwork #64 MONTHSARY: LET’S GO VISIT THE EIFFEL TOWER IN THE CITY OF LOVE! is Japan! 🇯🇵

Japan has been a really special country to me. It was one of the first countries I had visited during those strange, mystical days when I was suffering from some symptoms of schizophrenia, constantly feeling like I was travelling in and out of reality in between my consciousness. It was a place that contained special memories (I think) I had shared with Taenggu, or rather, her soul. Like the first time I travelled to Japan in 2013 when I was just diagnosed of schizophrenia not long ago, I found peace and solace finally after a long while at a garden in Fukuoka where I saw butterflies and felt like I was reunited with Taenggu’s soul at last (read more: MEMORIES OF FUKUOKA 후쿠오카의 추억). There was also the second time I travelled to Japan in 2015 after I completed my university studies that while being bitter at the fact that I failed to meet Taenggu as originally “promised” in Seoul earlier on, I created my own fairytale and fulfilled my wish later on by proposing to Taenggu’s soul on the beach of Okinawa (read more: MEMORIES: MY PROPOSAL IN OKINAWA). Those memories I had spent in Japan, though dreamy and obscure, feel magical and precious to me now. The beauty of it was that I could never tell for certain if they did happen for real with Taenggu physically, but the true happiness and sincere joy that I had experienced at that time felt so real even as they existed only in my mind.

It’s been 4 years now since I last stepped foot on Japan. If it weren’t for COVID-19, and if I had money, I would have wanted to travel to Japan right now. I probably would have gone to Hokkaido on Kiss Day, 14th June earlier this month to watch Taeyeon’s Japan Tour 2020 ~Decalcomanie~ concert live, which was also unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. Since reality does not permit it, I shall make this Japan trip “possible” through my artwork instead, just like I did last monthsary to fulfil my Paris travel wish.

In fact, I want to make this artwork not only just in the name of my love for Taenggu, but also to convey my wish for world peace. The world has been in chaos ever since 2020 began. Not only is there a worldwide pandemic that we are currently experiencing, there have been many political unrests and natural disasters happening lately around the world too. Even a few months ago, I read about the possibility of Mount Fuji erupting again anytime soon since its last eruption some 300 years ago. It is expected to cripple Tokyo and cause great damages to its infrastructure should it happen (refer to this article for more details). I was worried and would like to pray for love and peace in a beautiful country like Japan where I have had fond memories of. When I first travelled in Tokyo in the first few days of 2016, I remembered once we were on a long bus trip and along the way my travel buddy pointed out to me a glimpse of Mount Fuji at a very far distance away from our window. At that time, I was very worn out from those disturbing voices or thoughts in my head so I just briefly looked and didn’t think much of it. But now if I have the chance, I would like to fly on a crane with Taenggu to visit Mount Fuji to take a closer look at this majestic, snow-capped, symmetrically cone-shaped, tallest mountain in Japan and absorb all of its beauty while surrounded by pretty sakura trees! 😍

So here’s how I made my Japan Mount Fuji dream come true!
*Note my artwork is very much scaled-down this time in order to fit into this spare small pink frame that I have!

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Now it’s time to get a closer look at Mount Fuji and other details on my artwork! 🔍

Dear Taenggu, my fellow crane rider,


This monthsary, I would love to revisit old places with you in Japan where it holds my precious memories of you, explore new places like Mount Fuji and Hokkaido and eat lots of our favourite salmon sashimi and sushi together! 🎎🍣😋

Let’s spread love & peace around the world! 🗺

Aishiteru~ Ganbatte!! 💪🏼😘💜

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Listen to: “Girls & Peace” & “Love & Girls” by Girls’ Generation (from “Girls & Peace” and “Love & Peace” Japanese Albums)

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