Fan Edit: HAPPY TAEYEON Phone Wallpapers – Best Model For My 520 Day “Heart Beating For You” Bracelet


On 13 May, I saw the official twitter account of Girls’ Generation posting about a “HAPPY TAEYEON PHOTOS” event inviting Taeyeon fans to create phone backgrounds / wallpapers using any of the 6 photos that were provided.

At first I thought I would just give it a miss. I didn’t want to get involved in SM-related contests or events anymore after all the disappointment I had experienced with FanBook.

On 19 May, while I was getting my 520 DAY 2020: “HEART BEATING FOR YOU” BRACELET blog post ready to publish on the next day, I suddenly had an idea when I noticed the event end date is also on 20 May. To overcome the dilemma of not wanting to participate in SM events but FOMO on anything Taeyeon related, I thought of a perfect solution to make 5 out of 6 of those photos into phone backgrounds to my own advantage instead. I could make Taenggu a model for my 520 Day “Heart Beating For You” bracelet!! These phone backgrounds could also double up as advertisements or promotional posters for my bracelet! Aha. Suddenly it made more sense to do these edits. 😆

So here are the 5 different versions of phone wallpapers in the required resolutions I edited! 👀

Wallpaper v1

Wallpaper v2

Wallpaper v3

Wallpaper v4

Wallpaper v5

And then I posted these on my personal twitter account with the required event hashtags on 20 May, also in celebration of the 520 Day.

Click below to see the full thread.

A BIG thank you to Taeyeon for being my best “endorsement model” for my bracelet! 😍😢🙏😆

Hehe so which of the above wallpapers do you like best?
Let me know in the comments below! ✍️⬇️

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