520 Day 2020: “Heart Beating For You” Bracelet

“The older you get, the more you realise that life is not about material things, or pride or ego. It is about our hearts and who they beat for. In the end… true love is all that matters.”
Alex Wild
“Even today
My heart is beating for you

Even today
My soul is searching for you

Even today
My eyes are crying for you

Even today
I am waiting for you

Even today
I am really in love with you”
Tapaswini sahoo


520 Day is something that I started celebrating with Taenggu just last year. For those who don’t know, 520 Day is like the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day widely celebrated in China because 520 sounds like 我爱你 (I love you) in Chinese. Last 520 Day, I gave Taenggu a set of resin jewellery infused with my own handpicked saga seeds that I made at a workshop as a present (see 520 DAY 2019: “LOVE YOU, MISS YOU” HANDMADE SAGA SEED RESIN JEWELLERY). This 520 Day, I want to continue this trend by making a new kind of jewellery that is also able to incorporate my own saga seeds into as an addition to my handmade saga seed jewellery collection for Taenggu. 😙

But what’s different this year is that I don’t wish to spend money to attend any kind of jewellery making workshops just for the sake of making something new for Taenggu which can be really costly like I did last year. Also with the hidden blessing of the current COVID-19 situation, I learned to be more self-reliant and economical with my daily spending. I figured out the best way to learn is to follow online video tutorials that are absolutely free and by using the existing materials I already have at home. Since last year I had already made a pair of earrings and a small pendant necklace for Taenggu, how about making a bracelet for her this time?! 😁

I found the following youtube tutorial on how to make a simple heart pendant where you can put crystals or any small objects of any shapes inside using jewellery wires. I was eager to give it a try!

However, when I tried it myself, it actually wasn’t simple at all! I really envied how the teacher could make each perfect heart shape of varying sizes with such ease. It definitely takes lots of practice and skills to be able to do it like her. But I was determined / only willing to do it with only one try due to the limited amount of materials I have left at home. Furthermore, I don’t have certain wires in the specific gauge size listed in the tutorial, so I just made do with whatever I had and did some steps my own way. As a result, my heart pendant did not turn out as perfect as the ones in the tutorial, but it was still considered not bad for a first attempt, I guess. 😅 Another issue was, I realised the size of the saga seed is a little too small to stay inside the heart pendant. If it weren’t taken with great care by the bracelet wearer, the seed might fall off the pendant easily.

As I was very focused during the whole making process, I did not take any video / photos of my work in progress this time. So here I only have the detailed photos of my finished product!

Dear Taenggu, my 金泰妍,

Hope you like this bracelet with a heart-shaped saga seed pendant that I made for you this 520 Day!
It may not be perfect, but it contains all my love for you and symbolises my heart that is still beating for you till this day.

This little red seed in my heart still loves you and misses you a lot.
我爱你. Saranghae! ❤️💜


Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Listen and Watch: “我爱你 (I Love You)” by S.H.E

Full movie version:

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