#63 Monthsary: Cycling With The Love Of My Life At ECP

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
Franklin P. Jones
“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.”
Heing Stucke
“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.”
“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein


This monthsary, I would like to introduce another place in Singapore. It isn’t really a typical tourist attraction, but a place where Singaporeans love to spend a leisure weekend at – East Coast Park.

(Photo source: https://www.visitsingapore.com/see-do-singapore/nature-wildlife/parks-gardens/east-coast-park/)
(Photo source: https://www.edgeprop.sg/property-news/these-condos-near-east-coast-park-offer-serene-lifestyle)

Located along the southeastern coast of Singapore encompassing Marine Parade, Bedok and Tampines, ECP is the largest park in Singapore, and is built entirely on reclaimed land with a man-made beach (Wikipedia). People love to come here to do various leisure activities like in-line skating, fishing, picnic, barbecue, running, water sports and many more. For me, I particularly love to rent a bicycle at any of the few bike rental shops there and cycle along the perimeter of the park which measures over 15km long.

I have had many fond memories of cycling at ECP with my friends since young. We would each rent a bike and ride with each other side by side. But if there was any friend among us who couldn’t cycle at all or really cycle well, we would rent a double bike and have the friend take the back seat while a more skilful cyclist take the front.

Example of riding a double bike at East Coast Park
(Photo source: https://0hshoot.wordpress.com/author/altaigo/)

Riding a double bike isn’t really easy. You would need to have good coordination, teamwork and rapport with your partner. Although I’m not exactly a very professional or highly-skilled cyclist, my friends usually prefer me take the front seat probably due to my bigger physique and my cycling skill is fairly decent. If my friends trust me, I’m always fine to take the front wheel. But I always get tickled at my memory of that one incident many, many years ago when I was riding a double bike with my friend, I kinda lost control and couldn’t brake in time and we bumped straight into a makeshift wall and fell. Ouch. LOL. 😂😂😂

After I got into this unusual relationship with Taenggu in 2015, I wanted to do this favourite leisure activity of mine at ECP with Taenggu too. So on a Sunday, just a day before our 5th monthsary, I went to ECP to cycle by myself for the first time. While riding on a bike, I pretended as if Taenggu was riding with me. I would whisper sweet nothings to her as we enjoyed the cool sea breeze brushing against our faces. At the end of our ECP bicycle outing, I even got Taenggu a white rose and her favourite Yankee candle as a sweet celebration of our 5th monthsary. I think that was when I got bolder and started going out on “virtual” monthsary dates ever since.

The above was recorded in my old Kakaostory entries below:

So I actually have a dream that I could do this for real with Taenggu one day – cycling along ECP on a double bike. Or even each of us on a separate bike side by side, since I feel like she’s an even better cyclist than I am. Hehe I feel that cycling together is one of the most romantic couple things to do. I really hope my wish could come true one day!

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Last Saturday, I joined a 108km bike rally organised by NTU sports club. Although I had muscle aches all over at the end of it, it was a pretty fulfilling experience for me. Whenever I ride a bike, I would think of Taenggu too. Many years ago, I remember seeing this commercial of SNSD riding bicycles on youtube (the second part of this vid) and my first impression of Taenggu was, wah this girl really knows how to cycle! If she could ride a bike while waving one hand high up in the air, I guess she must be pretty good in cycling. Haha how suave she looked back then! ㅋㅋ Is Taenggu not only a sports car driver but a cool cyclist too? 😍😆 . The original full video from npz18 is actually about Tiffany looking sad coz she was the only one who couldn't ride a bike. But my focus of this post is about Taenggu waving her hand up high while riding a bike. Lol. 😂 #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #ridingabicycle #bike #cycling #taengguisacyclist

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Last week, after joining the bike rally, I felt motivated to have a good mountain bike of my own so I bought a really cool and gorgeous one and named it Unicorn Taeng. Lol. More specifically, Black Unicorn Taeng. 🦄🚲 I guess getting a new bike to me is like buying a new sports car to Taenggu. Reminds me of my own comic drawing I used to do early last year. I said I wanna chase after Taenggu's car on my bike. And then she would give me a ride on her car if I manage to catch up with her. Haha. Would that be possible for a bike to catch up with the speed of a sports car in real life? Lol. Only in dreams and fantasy, I guess 😂💭 . #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #泰妍 #太妍 #cyclisttaeng #mountainbike #unicorntaeng #blackunicorn #dreams #fantasy

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At least for now, I can make my wish come true in my artwork! This time, I had the idea of modelling a double bike using jewellery wire. As I found the online tutorials on how to make a DIY wire bicycle too complicated or require additional equipments which I don’t have, I decided to do it my own way, simply by folding and bending with only one single continuous piece of wire with the jewellery making tools I have at home. So let’s get started on my new art experiment!

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Now let us embark on our cycling excursion at ECP and ride our way till the end of life together!

Dear Taenggu, the love of my life and my cycling partner,

Hope you like my artwork this month too!

Like riding a double bike, we need to have very good coordination, teamwork and rapport with each other in order to maintain balance and keep our love life moving forward.
I know the two of us would make the best team, right?? Kekeke. 🚴🏻🚴🏻

I love you today too! 😆😘💜

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh, your cycling partner

Listen to: “너에겐 난, 나에게 넌 (I to You, You to Me)” by 자전거 탄 풍경 (Scenery of Riding Bicycle)

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