Art For The Soul: Happea 3 Peas-in-a-Pod

“Here we are, two(three) peas in a pod… here for each other, best buds forever!”
“Yesterday I was happea.
Today I am happea.
Tomorrow I will be happea!”
Celeste Koh
“You make me hap-pea every day!”
Celeste Koh


Some time around early March, I borrowed a book titled “WhatAMelon: Comforting Pick-you-ups for Epic Fails” from the library, that consists of many interesting and adorable fruit puns. I was so creatively inspired in the process of flipping through this book that I decided to come up with a few of my own. There was one page where they used peas for a pun. Suddenly an idea struck.

Many fans who have stuck around Taeyeon for a long time would have known very well that she used to be very fond of a soft toy called “3 Peas-in-a-Pod” from Toy Story. Fans who knew this fact often showered her with all kinds of 3 Peas-in-a-Pod toys as gifts for our dear kid leader. For sure, Taenggu always looked very hap-pea to receive them and give them a squishy hug!

I immediately saw an opportunity here because coincidentally I also hadn’t made an artwork out of this old favourite character of Taenggu before. Using the pun “hap-pea”, I could also make a connection to her new song “Happy” which was previously teased to release on her birthday on 9th March but was unfortunately postponed for an unspecified time due to her father’s passing on that day.

So later in April, after the dust seemed to settle and the time felt somewhat right, I made this simple HAPPEA 3 Peas-in-a-Pod card using paper art and pen calligraphy.

I made this for Taenggu with hopes for her to still live on every single day of her life happily in spite of the recent tragedy of her beloved father’s passing on her birthday. I’m sure it’s her late father’s wish for her to be happy and continue her life’s journey even without him too.

On 17th April, after I first revealed this HAPPEA card on twitter and instagram, I quickly had another idea to make another version using the Girls’ Generation slogan. From the original slogan “Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae (Right now it’s Girls’ Generation), Apeurodo So Nyuh Shi Dae (From now on it’s Girls’ Generation), Yeongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae (Forever it’s Girls’ Generation)”, I modified it to the below.

Right now: Be Happea
From now on: Be Happea
Forever: Be Happea
Celeste Koh

Dear 탱구야,

I hope my cards can manage to cheer you up even after all the bad things that had happen. Let’s be happea from now on and forever. No matter what, be happea.

I am happea today. Are you? 😊


Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Watch and Listen: Taeyeon singing a snippet of “Happy” live 😍

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