Tofu’s Diary: My First Birthday

22 April 2020

Hello hoomans! 👋

Welcome to my very first diary entry. Let me first introduce myself a little.

Nice to meet you, I am Tofu, Celeste’s sister, Marjorie’s pet dog. I’m of the dog breed called pug. I was born on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019, but I only joined Celeste’s family when I was 4 months old. Just yesterday, I officially turned one!

My mummy, Marjorie originally planned to organise a birthday party for me last weekend and invite all my hooman friends over to our house to celebrate my first birthday with me. Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 situation, it is prohibited to have large gatherings of non-family members now. However, to make it up for me, Mummy Marjorie and Aunt Celeste spent time and effort to prepare the props nevertheless and had a nice photoshoot of me in a dreamy hot air balloon! 🎈☁️

Now I would love to share all my gorgeous, handsome photos that were taken by Celeste and Marjorie here with you guys! Enjoy 😙

With Mummy Marjorie. Oh look, the balloons are so pretty!! 👀

With Aunt Celeste. Sorry if I was beginning to look a little tired here. 😁

Here’s a really pawsome video Mummy had lovingly taken and edited of me!

Last but not least, here’s another video of me by my Uncle Melvyn! Happy happy. 😄

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and videos as much as I did! I had a truly wonderful first birthday and thank you everyone for the well wishes! I love you all! Woof woof. 😘

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