Tofu Birthday 2020: Handsome Boy In Tuxedo

“He entered my life like a prom king. A handsome heartbreak dressed in tuxedo.”
Lunar Words
“You can take on the world in a good suit.”
Michael Caine
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
Mr Goodlife
“Hello, I’m a handsome pug in a tuxedo.”


Time really flies! My sister’s dog, Tofu is already turning 1 today. It also means that Tofu has been with us for 8 months already since he joined my family at 4 months old.

As I had shared in a post previously, I suspected that Tofu was a reincarnation of a spirit facilitated by theta healing I performed during my course on that same day he was born last year which happened to be Easter Sunday. The spirit might even be Jonghyun himself. (read THE AFTERLIFE OF JONGHYUN (2ND DEATH ANNIVERSARY))

But as time goes by, during these 8 months I have been spending with Tofu so far, I find that he is just a little baby boy after all. A dog who understands human feelings. A dog who displays emotions like a human. A dog who loves being around humans but is awkward around other dogs. A baby who loves the attention and affection from my family on him, especially my mum and sis. Sometimes he is a good boy, sometimes he is a naughty boy. But he sure is one handsome boy!

Since his birthday was approaching, I decided to do an artwork for him just like what I’ve been doing for Taenggu’s dogs, Zero and Ginger over the years as well. After all, they are all dog brothers right??? Keke. My idea first came when my sis mentioned about organising a birthday party for Tofu and making him wear a tuxedo on that day. I was thrilled at the thought of how handsome Tofu is going to look in a tuxedo!

So my sis bought a piece of tuxedo at an affordable price from a dog wear seller. But it wasn’t the classic black tuxedo but a semi-casual one in denim material with a cute bow tie. The first time we put it on for Tofu, he was extremely shy and kept running about the house, trying to dig a hole to hide. But nothing could hide the fact that he looked real dashing in it!

Another day I was at a Japan lifestyle store and saw this very cute paper bag with a pug wearing a pair of thick black framed glasses on it and got inspired.

This paper bag at a Japan store was one of my sources of inspiration!

So that was how I pieced my ideas together – I’m going to make an artwork featuring Tofu in a classic black tuxedo with his eyes looking through a pair of thick black framed glasses like a smarty pie human!

With this in mind, I made the ideas come to life using my own paper art technique and framed it nicely in a formal black frame.

Now Tofu is all well-groomed and looking like he’s ready to go up on stage to receive a scholarship award for his academic achievements anytime!

Dear Tofu,

Hope you like this little artwork that I made of you!

Are you also ready to attend a dog awards show in your tuxedo and go ahead to win “The Cutest Pug In The Universe” award??
Always proud of you, our little handsome boy!

I love you. Please stay with us for a long, long time! 🙏

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

For more cute photos of Tofu, follow his own instagram account @marpotofu! 🐶😊

Listen to: “Men In Black” by Will Smith

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