Jessica Birthday 2020: Who’s The Black Cat In The Mirror?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the black cat of them all?”
Celeste Koh
“Black cats were created so that everyone can have the chance to be owned by a mini panther.”
“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”
Groucho Marx
“Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way.”
Hatake Kakashi
“It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.”
Deng Xiaoping


I had internal conflicts with myself about making an artwork for Jessica’s birthday again this year. As I was unable to make a clear decision to do or not to do, I told myself to observe her silently first. If Jessica could show me something that I could connect with or could give me a sudden spark of inspiration, then I would.

A few days or weeks later, a key turning point for me really came when she posted the following picture on instagram.

It reminded me that I had a similar golden mirror in my art material collection that was unused at home! It was an extra mirror I had bought from Daiso around the time when I was making another mirror art for WHITE DAY 2019: SOAR HIGH, MY PAPER CRANES, FOR LOVE, HOPE AND PEACE for Taenggu last year.

Of course Jessica herself wouldn’t have known I had a similar mirror in my possession since I didn’t reveal or mention about it anywhere to anyone before. So it was purely a coincidence that I had found a connection with her just like that. And it gave me a brand new artwork idea to remake the black cat portrait I did for her last year using this golden mirror! (see my last year’s artwork: JESSICA BIRTHDAY 2019: CHIC LIKE AN ICE PRINCESS BLACK CAT)

Maybe it is in Heaven’s will that I would make a birthday artwork for her again this year. Since such kind of mirror portrait art was also a refreshingly new concept and challenge for me, I was eager to get started!

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As I found the surrounding background a little plain and empty, I decided to decorate the sides with a mixture of small circle and square mirror tiles that I sourced from someone selling them on Carousell. Now I feel that the artwork is truly complete! ❤️

Now the next challenge – photo taking of my artwork! 📸 It put my photography skills to test as I tried to create the illusion of Jessica looking into the mirror in the reflection. With only my own pair of hands, how to capture only her reflections and not mine was a real challenge!

Dear Jessica the Black Cat,

Hope you like my artwork for you, a mirror version of my last year’s black cat portrait of you! 🐈

If it isn’t Jessica who is looking into the mirror, then who will the black cat in the mirror be? 🤔😆

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

Listen to: “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson

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