White Day 2020: Paper Boat Lovers

“Sailing even when drowning, these little paper boats brought smiles on those little faces.”
“I don’t need therapy. I just need my boat.”
Sea Tow
“It’s raining storms in my life. Come, find me trying to float paper boats in puddles.”
Indhumathi Nagarajan


Since last White Day, I decided to start a tradition of making a new paper origami artwork for every White Day from then on. Last year, I made a paper cranes mirror artwork at WHITE DAY 2019: SOAR HIGH, MY PAPER CRANES, FOR LOVE, HOPE AND PEACE. This year, the paper origami that I want to fold this time is a paper boat.

It was an idea that I suddenly had one night when I went to bed in December/January. I visualised 2 lovers sitting on a paper boat sailing away into the night. I knew right away that it would be a perfect idea for my next White Day artwork pretty early in advance.

I wanted to make it look really cute and adorable. I remembered I had a small 3D square frame that was unused since last year. I originally bought it to do another paper crane artwork hopefully to sell on Carousell but eventually put it on hold to the back of my mind. Now I found an even better purpose for this 3D frame to do this really cute paper boat artwork.

Bought this 3D photo frame from Spotlight some time around White Day last year.

And to prep myself for this artwork, I had to practise how to fold a paper boat by referring to tutorials which can be easily found online. I used to fold all kinds of paper origami such as stars, cranes, planes and boats a lot when I was in primary school, but I had already forgotten how to fold them all when I am grown up now. So I felt as if I was back in my childhood days as I folded these paper boats again. It was so fun and not too difficult at all!

Practised folding a few paper boats using colourful origami papers by following the tutorial first before I started making the actual white one.

Found this image as a nice reference for my artwork.

Now that I’m ready, let’s get started on making the actual White Day artwork!

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Now, let this little paper boat of ours set sail in small puddles, gentle streams and even the stormy seas!



Hope you like this cute little artwork for you.
No matter how stormy the sea is or how heavy the rain is falling on us, let’s not stop sailing this humble little paper boat of ours along with the rhythm of life! 🚣🏻

Row, row, row our boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream~


Listen to: “Row Row Row Your Boat” (The nursery rhyme we used to sing a lot as kids in preschool 😆🎶)

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