R.I.P 탱구아빠 Papa Kim


On 9th March 2020, an unthinkable tragic incident had happened on what supposed to be a joyous occasion of Taeyeon’s 31st birthday (international age) yesterday. Her beloved daddy had unfortunately passed away due to a heart attack. While I can’t imagine how traumatic and depressing it must be for Taenggu right now to deal with such a sudden loss what’s more on her birthday, I wish I could do something to help her get through this difficult time together despite not being able to be physically by her side to give her support. So here I am writing this condolence post looking back at my past artworks and writings I did in loving memory of Papa Kim.

Read full writeup about the above my Father’s Day 2017 card that I made for Taenggu’s dad:

I also read several tweets of condolences and heart-warming stories about Papa Kim sent by fans from all over the world. While reading all these, I also got to know Papa Kim, whom I haven’t met in real life, more and more. His genuine fatherly love for his dear daughter Taenggu touched my heart deeply.

Sending my deepest condolences to Taenggu and her family right now. I pray for all of you to get through and cope well with the loss of Papa Kim together.

Rest in peace, Papa Kim.
Thank you for all the love you’ve showered upon Taenggu all these while.
탱구아빠, 사랑해요! ❤️❤️❤️

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