As we celebrate our King Taeyeon’s birthday today, it also implies that we are celebrating the birth of my AMLIFT website on this day since 3 years ago!

I still can’t forget the time between January and March 2017 when I diligently planned, prepared and set up this website from nothing to something all on my own so that it could be officially launched in time for my dear Taetae’s 29th (korean age) birthday. It was my most inspirational time when I was filled with ideas and magic began to grow and get real. I’m happy that I did what I did and never have I regretted since.

3 years later now, as the magic continues to grow and mature more, I see my site taking a shift towards the making of artworks for artistes a little more as I now have more time and freedom to further expand my creativity and explore various art techniques during my jobless days. Each time I create something new, I learn something more about myself in the process too. As much as it is fulfilling and satisfies the artistic side of me, it has also been daunting whenever the reality of life kicks in.

There may be a need to refocus and reprioritise certain things. Maybe I would have a separate site solely for artworks. Maybe I should write more mystical stories and about my relationship with Taenggu more. But one thing for sure, AMLIFT is here to stay. In the name of creating beautiful things and happiness for Taenggu, this Heaven will not stop radiating its love for her. 💜💜💜

I will continue to work hard! 💪🏼

Celeste Koh
The author of All My Love Is For Taenggu website/blog/fansite

View my 2020 birthday artwork for Taeyeon:

Regarding my past year’s website productivity stats in 2019 and future direction:

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