Sooyoung Birthday 2020: Autumn Is A Second Spring

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus
“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”
Elizabeth Lawrence
“Autumn doesn’t always promise that winter will come, but she works hard until every coloured leaf has reached its destination.”
Terri Guillemets


For Sooyoung’s birthday last year, I did a spring themed artwork for her that was full of cherry blossom flowers (see the artwork at SOOYOUNG BIRTHDAY 2019: SPRING IS COMING AS YOU WISH). This year, I thought why not do a theme on another season this time – Autumn, the romantic season when maple leaves in passionate colours of red, orange and yellow fall prettily onto the ground. 🍁

I used to make a melancholic christmas card about a lonely maple leaf meeting several snowflakes in winter for Sooyoung in 2017.

I made this card thinking about myself who travelled in Korea alone in hopes of meeting Taenggu in the cold harsh winter. Read more at XMAS DAY 2017: THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS TIME.

This time, I don’t want to be a sad, lonely maple leaf in a foreign city/climate anymore. As Sooyoung’s birthday was approaching, I felt inspired to make a portrait of Sooyoung that is made up of hundreds of identical maple leaves in a mixture of red, grey and black colours. It’s a new paper artwork style that I came up with and hadn’t tried before so I thought I could experiment this technique on Sooyoung first.

I chose to use this refreshing photo of her from her instagram. It was also the first photo she posted in 2020 on Jan 1st. So I thought it would be meaningful and a good choice to use it for my artwork to signal a fresh start for her for the new year.

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Armed with a maple leaf paper punch and a few coloured papers, I got started on the artwork with a ‘wait and see how it would turn out’ kind of attitude!

I have to say I am pretty satisfied how it turned out! I think it succeeded in capturing the likeliness of Sooyoung’s facial features in an abstract way. But it required a great deal of patience to stick each maple leaf repetitively and energy to keep myself awake because I mostly had to work on it late into the night each day. After adding one more pile of fallen maple leaves at the bottom of the paper, my artwork is ready to be framed and presented nicely on Sooyoung’s birthday! 🎉

Looking back, it wasn’t really my first time making use of craft punches to do an artwork.


I’m amazed how much I have improved over the years and even found a greater use of craft punches to make a more intricate form of human portrait artwork, thanks to Sooyoung’s birthday this year.

Dear Sooyoung,

Hope you like my artwork! 💕

We’ve got Spring and Autumn now. 🌸🍁
What would be the next season? 😆

Made with love,

Listen and Watch: “Four Seasons” by Kim TaeYeon

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