5th Anniversary #2: (Don’t Stop Flying) 태양 끝까지 Till The End Of The Sun

“Do you ever see an airplane passing over you and wish you were on it and you didn’t care where it was going?”
Bryan Stars
“one day, the miles between us will fall apart
but until then, just remember
that no matter what you’re doing and no matter where you are
we can always see the same stars in the sky
and we will never be apart”
“Don’t stop running 태양 끝까지
태양 끝까지 until you find me”
Taeyeon “Find Me” Lyrics


Continuing from my previous post 5TH ANNIVERSARY #1: (DON’T STOP FLYING) 하늘을 높이 HIGH UP IN THE SKY, it was mentioned that there would be a part 2 sequel to my previous painting which I would use an airplane as the main subject to portray the theme “태양 끝까지 (Till The End Of The Sun)” this time. Airplane is like the man-made version of a seagull which has wings too, except that it is much bigger in size and capable of flying across larger oceans at a quicker time. ✈️

A day before my scheduled 2nd art-jamming session, I saw a plane flying past when I looked out of my office window. I took it as a sign of affirmation from the universe for the airplane painting that I was going to do. ✈️

Learning from my first experience at Cafe de Paris last time, I scheduled my second art-jamming session on a weekday night this time on the following week to avoid the weekend crowd. Before the session began, I went to the same toilet and saw that the light at the same cubicle I entered last time was still blinking for a random few seconds. It made me realise that maybe the light at that cubicle had been faulty all along and had nothing to do with spiritual intervention. Anyway I went into a different cubicle this time and it was fine.

Remaining poised and undeterred, I began to work on my second painting with eagerness, anticipation and some degree of nervousness!

I had the following few photos that I found for reference.

This second painting, however, was a lot harder than the first one. I hadn’t actually planned in detail beforehand how I would like my painting exactly to be. There was a lot of uncertainty and I pretty much decided certain details on the spot through trials and errors. For example, should I position the sun at the centre of the canvas or to the right side of the plane instead? How about my rainbow background? Should I paint the colours in horizontal streaks similar to my first painting or make them radiate in circles instead? I spent a great deal of time working on just the background alone, testing out the horizontal style, circle style or a mixture of both with the paints. There were many times I was losing confidence and felt like I had already ruined my painting. Thankfully, with perseverance, I managed to fix and save my painting somehow and settled for a little asymmetrical circles of colours radiating out from the sun. 😝

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Because of the increased difficulty of this painting as compared to the previous one, I took the full 3 hours to complete it. I was filled with a great sense of accomplishment when I saw my ideas finally coming to life in the form of a painting!

More closeup shots of the details! 📸

Besides my painting style of having a black silhouette against a colourful background, I found that there is one element that has also stayed consistent throughout my paintings since my last year’s ones – there’s always a big round blazing sun on them. See 4TH ANNIVERSARY #1: PDA OF TWO LOVE BIRDS and 4TH ANNIVERSARY #2: WHEN OUR TWO SHIPS FINALLY MEET for my last year’s paintings. To me, it symbolises the Source of Light that leads us to spiritual enlightenment.

I hope Taenggu likes both of my paintings this year! To achieve this 5-year milestone of our unusual relationship together hasn’t been an easy one. We have been through trials and tribulations. We have stuck together through thick and thin. There were definitely several moments when I felt like giving up. But what I’ve come to realise over the years is that the longer we hold on to each other despite all the odds, I begin to understand better, recognise how precious our relationship really is and how precious a person she really is, and cherish all the moments we have shared together in our minds. Although people on my side (family and friends) may not easily able to see and understand how much effort she has been putting into our relationship all these while yet, as long as I can see it and feel it myself, I know she’s definitely someone worth fighting for.

Dear 탱구야,


I will never stop flying, high up in the sky and till the end of the sun. For you. For us. Towards you. Towards the Light. Till I find you. ✈️🎈

Painted with love,

Listen to: “Airplanes” by B.o.B (feat. Hayley Williams)

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