CNY Red Packets 2020: A Cheese Of Good Luck Blessings This Rat Year

“A rat’s god is cheese.”
Robert James
“If you were a mouse, I would bring you some cheese!”
Janus Caesar
“Wishing you to have 鼠不完的money and all the cheese 鼠于你!”
(“Wishing you to have countless money and all the cheese belongs to you!” – a word play on the word “rat” in chinese)
Celeste Koh



As a Chinese, one of the best things to look forward to during this festive season is to receive red packets a.k.a ang baos filled with money ranging from twos to tens of dollars from your elders and relatives who are married (and you are not lol). It has been going on for a few years now that I would make my very own handmade ang baos for Taenggu, SNSD members, her family, friends, staff and colleagues to celebrate this special occasion of Spring.

Since this year is the Year of the Rat (the first animal in our 12 zodiac line!), it makes sense to make a series of rat-themed ang baos. For SNSD, I decided to continue the concept of my recent christmas cards for Christmas, which took place just a month ago, to create a fusion of rat and my personal character totem I specially assigned to each member. However, instead of geometric drawings, I’m making the ang baos out of paper cuts and doodle-like drawings.

In the past years, I used to fill the ang baos with only chocolate coins and bars after I finished making them. But this year, partly also to save cost, I decided to do something that is entirely creatively different. I designed my own paper cheese in prints with 10 variations of chinese new year greetings on it!

I designed my own paper cheese edited with CNY greetings to be slotted into the ang baos. I had taken references of the greetings from this site.

On top of that, I also got myself a stack of shiny gold poker cards with a 100USD design for $8.80 from Carousell. Haha since I can’t afford putting in real cash in every ang bao, I guess these cards should do the trick. Kekeke. To make it even more interesting, I specially pick the card that matches each member’s birthday. You can check which poker card your birthday belongs to from the chart on this site and read up on your personality type based on your card. This was something fun I accidentally found out while making #44 MONTHSARY: KING TAEYEON drawing 2 years ago.

The content in each ang bao consists of a piece of cny greetings cheese and a golden 100USD poker card!

However, in the process of checking the card for each member, I found out that there is clash among Hyoyeon, Yoona and Seohyun – all of them belong to the same Two of Clubs! But I only have 1 Two of Clubs card. How do I assign my cards to them now? To solve this issue, after logically thinking about it for awhile, I decided that I can reassign Two of Clubs to Hyoyeon who is now an active DJ often performing in various clubs, Two of Diamonds to Yoona who is the endorsement model for the jewellery brand “Pandora”, and Two of Hearts to Seohyun who is well-known for being a person with a big heart for humanity. Hahaha it makes sense this way, right? 😆

So, here are my ang bao designs for each SNSD member and their accompanying poker card. What’s also special with this year’s design is that I’ve added a big “福” word at the back of each ang bao too. It has the meaning of good fortune, happiness and luck in chinese. I wish them all to have lots of blessings throughout this new year of rat!


<3 SUNNY <3



<3 YURI <3


<3 YOONA <3


As for Taenggu’s family, other friends, staff and colleagues, I’ve prepared 32 pieces of the following ang baos. These were given to me for free when I had a job folding thousands over ang baos for a printing factory on a weekend a few weeks ago. It has a rather shiny, contemporary design. And when you open up the lid, you will see a horizontal line of adorable rats innocently looking at you. Hehe it’s really cute! Just like my handmade ang baos for SNSD, I’ve filled each ang bao with a piece of paper cheese with CNY greetings and a random golden 100USD poker card. Other than the ones for her family, the remaining 28 pieces aren’t specifically named to anyone. I hope Taenggu can give them to the people whom she has gotten close to over the years. It’s really heartwarming to see her forming meaningful friendships with her staff, people in the industry and even hoobaes from other companies especially in the recent years. So I wish to thank them too for showering her with love, help and support in her career and personal life in one way or another. Only Taenggu herself knows best who they all are. (I hope the 28 pieces would be enough though! 😛)


With my ang baos greeting you all for the new year, here’s wishing everyone an auspicious new year ahead!
Rat Year Squeak Squeak! 🐀❤️

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh


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