Candle Day 2020: Take A Sip Of My DIY Coffee Candle In A Tea Cup

“All good things start with “c” – candles, coffee, chocolate and more candles!”
Shortie’s Candle Company, Pinterest
“A candle may melt and its fire may die. But the love you have given me will always stay as a flame in my heart.”


I thought I had everything well planned out. On 11.11 sale last November, I bought a Fave voucher to a gel candle making workshop at The Fun Empire for $39. The T&Cs say that the voucher would expire on 11 Jan 2020 and I only need to book a class at least 3 days in advance. Thinking that I still had plenty of time left and I was also busy working on other artworks that were scheduled in Nov and Dec first, I thought I could wait till end Dec or early Jan to schedule for a class.

However, in late Dec when I contacted The Fun Empire to book a class, they told me the earliest date on which they would be holding their next public class for gel candle making is on 18 Jan. My voucher would have already expired and not to mention Candle Day, which falls on 14 Jan, is over by then. Despite explaining my situation and negotiating with them, they were pretty inflexible about making any alternative arrangement for me. Thankfully, I sought help from the Fave team after that and they promptly cancelled my voucher and refunded the full amount to me in an efficient manner. 😍👍🏼

But what should I do now? Without a voucher, it’s really expensive to attend a decent candle making workshop at other places which could easily cost more than $100. Being tight on my budget, I needed to find the most cost-efficient way to make a pretty candle for Taenggu without burning a big hole in my pocket.

Embracing the true spirit of DIY making, it suddenly dawned on me that I could actually learn how to make simple DIY candles from youtube tutorials by myself for free! I was drawn to one of the ideas of making a teacup candle because I remembered I had an unused brown Yankee candle which I originally bought for the making of #57 MONTHSARY: KOPI SIEW DAI 半烧 GIRL artwork before switching to brown soft clay for an easier option. All I needed to get now is a teacup and a candle wick. I managed to get a very nice-looking English teacup and saucer set which even comes in a box for just $2 (!!!) and 2 candle wicks at 50 cents each (1 for spare just in case I screw up the first one, which I really did LOL), both from Carousell.

All the materials I gathered for teacup candle making.
This is the brown Yankee candle I will be using which comes with a sweet scent!
Removed the plastic packaging and put the candle in my old unused teacup for containing of the melted max later.
Heat the cup on top of a pan on an electric stove till the candle melts into liquid wax.
Secure the candle wick onto the centre position with the help of a pen and set it aside for the wax to cool and harden.
When the wax was almost hardened, I cut the wick shorter and removed the pen.
Then I began scrapping away all the excess wax at the sides of the teacup with my thumb nail.
Give it some more time to cool and harden completely and my very first self-attempted DIY teacup candle is complete!!

Ready to take a sip of my coffee candle in a teacup?? 😃🍵🕯

Do you smell the aroma of my “coffee” drifting into your nose already? 😆😌

As I mentioned earlier, my teacup and saucer come nicely packaged in a box! With the teacup creatively transformed into a DIY candle set, it’s now ready to be given to Taenggu as a Candle Day gift!! 😍🎁

To Taenggu, the pretty girl on my old cushion of 6 years,

Hope you like my effort in making this DIY teacup candle set for you! May you light up the candle whenever you feel down and need to lift your mood up!

Today too, I love you very much.

Handmade with love,
Celeste Koh

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