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On this first day of 2020, it’s a good time to look back at 2019 and do a review and wrap-up for the past year.

2019 hadn’t really been an overall good year for me. Especially in the last few months, I was embroiled in some issues and mishaps. Even on the last day yesterday, I accidentally twisted my right foot while playing badminton with family. It’s a little painful for me to walk normally now. 😣⁣

But in terms of productivity of maintaining this AMLIFT website dedicated to Taenggu, I would say I had done well with a total of 83 posts published, which is pretty on par with or slightly better than 2018’s 71 posts.

The annual stats overview of my productivity of maintaining this site for the year 2019 alone
In comparison to past years’ stats

Out of the 83 posts, most of them were about my artworks I had done for Taenggu, her family and SNSD while others were more of reflection posts like diaries, poems, lyrics interpretation etc. But one major improvement I managed to accomplish in 2019 was completing and publishing both artworks and their accompanying writeups by the exact date of each occasion. I became more time-conscious and pushed myself to adhere to strict deadlines of publishing. 😄⁣

However, it hadn’t been easy to achieve this feat all on my own and without any financial support or emotional support from family and friends. Especially in the second half of the year after I quit my full-time job at Singtel hoping to focus more time on making artworks and writing blog posts more actively, it was difficult to breathe and live because I did not have a constant, sufficient flow of income by working only part-time, ad-hoc jobs. It was quite scary to watch my bank account not grow, but dwindle steadily. After trying this out for half a year, it alarmed me that I have to seek a better way to strike a balance between earning money and pursuing this passion on my own really soon.

On a much brighter note, it’s worth celebrating and comforting to see that my blog had garnered a 175% lot more views in 2019 as compared to the previous year. 🍾🍾🍾

Last year, my theme was “One Day or Day One” and to “Do whatever we fancy”. I can safely say that I had begun to take action to courageously pursue what I love to do since day 1 of 2019.

This brand new year of 2020, I wanna “Hope for the best” and “Don’t stop flying” (inspired by the lyrics of Taenggu’s song “Find Me”). Pray hard that even better things will come our way as long as we work hard for it! 🙏

Last night I counted down to the new year with fireworks near my place. Let’s start 2020 with a bang! 🎆🎇⁣


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